Best Mountain Bike Wheels in 2018: Top 5 Models Recommend From Bike Expert

Why is mountain bike rated the best quality bikes? Many people in the world enjoy mountain bike riding because of its quality feel and its components are of high quality, wheels are part of mountain bike components and are supposed to be well crafted in order to experience a smooth ride.

Mountain bike quality wheels matter a lot in order to give you a stable ride while biking over pavement and terrains so that when you end your ride you have no room to complain of being uncomfortable, quality pair of wheels is the best cure of terrain and awful ride.

While buying a pair of wheels consider the size, of which they come with 3 different lengths. 29 –inches, 27.5-inches, and 26 – inches.
Every biker should put into consideration on quality wheels first, below are 5 different set of wheels reviewed.


26 inch Vuelta Zerolite Comp SE Shimano Hubs Wheel Set

26 inch Vuelta Zerolite Comp SE Shimano Hubs Wheel Set

Best Mountain Bike Wheels-Comparison

Best Mountain Bike Wheels- Reviews

26 inch Vuelta Zerolite Comp SE Shimano Hubs Wheel Set Review

Why is Vuelta zeolite loved by people? Vuelta zeolite ATB is a 26-inch double walled aluminum finish rim from shaman hubs with a precision ball bearing of 100 mm front and 135 mm rear.

The zeolite is a pair of wheelset which is highly rated and comes with a good price, nevertheless, the wheels handle better on the pavements and trails whereby they are a beat heavy and extremely solid.

And are straightforward to maintain if you are on a budget and need a dependable wheelset then the zeolite ATB is the way, where the brakes hold up well on the muddy and rocky environment it is recommended to perchance the wheelset since it’s the best solution and value for all riders.

The wheel set has excellent durability and do everything a cross-country wheel set would do, the zeolite comes with a skewer which is good in quick wheel release using a mechanism to allow wheels out efficiently, without any tool, the quick removal also sometimes used for seat post and stems

The wheel set is a great deal of the money much stiffer than expected, these wheels are magnificent in that they allow you to use top quality tires, and also are offered in white color making more attractive to the consumer, the new reliable wheel once on them makes you a new level of biking. In rocky areas where no other wheels can, bring the feel.

Important Features:

  • check
    26” double wallet aluminum rim
  • check
    Perfect for mountain bikes
  • check
    Shimano hub with precision ball bearing
Mountain Bike Wheel Wheelset Shimano 8 9 10 Speed Review

Shimano wheelset 8 9 10 is a form of a gear that helps a mountain bike to change is way to ride mostly the 8 9 10 gear is for cross country racing and high-speed chase for athletes.

However, you can also use the same gear levels while at home or on joy riding.

The Shimano 8 9 10 is attached to the wheel, the shaman 8 9 10 fit in size 29-inches x 1.5 to 2.5 rim, they are of medium size and need a spacer to enhance a smooth cycling. They are lightweight where the front hub is around 1000g rear 1270g including the spokes.

The Shimano unlike those top of the range soar road hubs it is unique in that it prevents the corrosion-causing dirt and water along with the internal grease and thus increase durability and reduce service intervals.

On the other hand, the hub has angular contact bearings that cradle the balls giving support for bigger strength in riding conditions and also offer bearing adjustments for easy maintenance.

The shaman is available in 32 or 36 holes drills which come complete with q/r skewer which can be used mainly with the 32 cassettes and also come with a specified color which is black with a width of 130.

Important Features:

  • check
    Shimano 8 9 10 speed only
  • check
    Fit type size:26” x 1.5” to 2.25
  • check
    Quando KT-MP7F front hub
Vuelta XRP Pro SL 26 inch 26in Mountain Bike Wheels Review

Vuelta XRP pro is a perfect product for every rider alive since it's good in quality, durable and a beat expensive but offer value for your money.

The Vuelta XRP wheel contains a light and strong disc for a bigger and better range, especially on a runway.

The Vuelta XRP is packed in an alloy box, which contains pinned alloy wheels which are attractive and also very strong on terrain and rocky areas. Whereby the rider is always comfortable spinning, these wheels are far much different from other wheels since they can be used in any hub like cross country racing without slotting due to its flat cross-section.

The wheelset isn’t a stress since it’s released by skilled craftsmen, who are much concern in perfection and attention to details, the vela rap is tested not less than 3 times to assure quality is given to the people.

The amazing feature of Vuelta XRP is super smooth sealed cartridge bearing hub which increases durability and efficiency and has no risk of staff getting into cup and cones destroying the cup, the services are pretty much easy and tricky since you don’t feel the odds while riding. There is an option of 26-inch wheel from the manufacturer and it comes with a warrant of 700 km into rides.

Important Features:

  • check
    Quality wheels with a great warranty
  • check
    Works with disk and rim brakes
  • check
    Bladed aero spokes
Sta-Tru STW 26 X 1.5 BO Mountain Bike Wheel Review

The stew 26 is a sports medium mountain bike rare wheel; it is used by expert riders in the world.

The stew offers a wonderful feeling of entertainment while biking on rough roads and terrains. It’s an average wheel which also can be enjoyed by kids of average size.

The stew is a single-walled wheel with silver hub spokes which assures the rider safety when on speed, the stew is 26.5 mm wide alloy rim with 36 holes for strength and durability this product has some features like the cup spoke measuring 297mm, which are firm durable and strong to carry any weight of a given rider, on any condition of the terrain.

The stew is a climbing bike which is of average weight, it does not need any tool to put the freewheel on it. The wheel is highly ranked due to good service it's offering to its riders in every Conner of the world.

This wheel is considered for expert because stew manufacturer took their time these wheel for a gre4a performance, about the warrant the stew does not give any warranty on their products since they estimate they can be damaged thru accident which they don’t cover, these wheels are made using highest durable and quality materials for the benefit of the consumer valuing their money.

Important Features:

  • check
    Stw st1 single wall 36 h hub
  • check
    Quick release axle
  • check
    Alloy front loosing bearing hub
Vuelta XRP Pro 26 inch 26in Mountain Bike Wheels Review

The vela rap pro comes with a 26-inch wheel one among the most durable and convenient in the list and it is ranked top of all. It handles swiftly when riding in swamps and very comfortable.

This wheel is unique within its range in that its lightweight, indeed it helps in reducing the weight of your bike and also helps in cutting through the wind at an interval of high speed.

In particularly the vela rap pro is a climbing wheel that’s why many riders prefer an upgrade from the stock wheel to vela rap pro, where 90% of the effort is consumed in overcoming gravity.

This wheel performs incredibly, since it works with disc and rim brake which corroborate responsibly causing the friction which generates a stopping power, even when at a high speed.

The brake pedal is initiated and responds instantly guaranteeing the rider safety, with so many from pro mountain bike wheel in the market you are considered to choose the brand first then find the characteristics that fit your needs.

The vela rap pro wheel is very strong in that it does attain good performance, it falls in between the Mavic cross ride and the famous vela zeolite when the price is involved, vela manufactures spend enough time crafting these wheel so that all riders can enjoy what nature offers.

Important Features:

  • check
    Works with disk rim brakes
  • check
    Bladed aero spokes
  • check
    Super smooth sealed cartridge bearing hub


Each and every wheel reviewed above is suitable for mountain bike riders on pavement rocky areas and terrains whereby they give a smooth and stable ride feel, the wheels reviewed above also come in different prices and features to fit your needs in an outdoor adventure, if you are a mountain bike gig then the wheels are carefully crafted to suit your performance need and won’t let you down.

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