Best Elliptical Machine Reviews For 2018 – Top Models Compared!

Reading is to mind and exercise is to the body, why is it so? It is said that real enjoyment in life comes from two united things in human beings, the activity of the mind and exercise of the body the two works hand in hand. One gets a command from the other and that’s from the mind to the body. Exercise is one of the best ways of burning calories through making your body move and making muscles work extra hard.

There are many types of exercise, i.e. running, jogging, swimming and much more. However, there is one modern way which is considered less of private, the elliptical training machine which is found in the gym. The elliptical machine provides an effective cardiovascular workout and also helps in burning calories.

An elliptical machine is a motionless machine that stimulates motion through walking, running, and even climbing. It is lighter on joints and has four peddles handles and poles, they both help the upper body and the lower body.

There are factors that are considered while choosing or buying the best elliptical machine. Today we‘ve reviewed the five most popular best home elliptical trainer. The below recommended best home elliptical trainer is tested to fit your workout needs.

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Best Elliptical Machine Reviews:

To help you pick the best one out of a multitude of options, here are some of the better choices you can pick from:

1. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine (2017)

The Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer comes with a reasonable price. It’s assembled dimensions are (178.1 L x 71.5 L W x 160.5 H CM). That’s enough size for any human of any size.

It is quite heavy in weighs when assembled 76.5 kg. It is recommended you get assistance while on and off loading to avoid damage before using it or even injuring yourself.

The maximum user weight of the Schwinn 470 should be 136 kgs. On the other hand if not assembled in the dealer shop you can bring each item at a time and assemble yourself.

It has no much to do it may cost you 2 hours of your time, or maybe you are too busy to or have no knowledge of assembling you can as well as hire an engineer to do the work.

But the Schwinn 470, in general, is easy to assemble. It also comes with a computer. The systems have dual screens that you need to set up a user profile which has a total of 29 programs which include 12 workout programs and 9 heart rate controls.

However in the Schwinn 470 you can download and track your performance, i.e. the computer tracks the number of time distance and calories burned by sending data to Schwinn connect.

The Schwinn 470 comes with a heart rate monitoring tool within the hand grips. When you hold the grip for about 10 seconds your information is automatically transferred to the display. Which also has the ability to use a heart strap monitor.

But one is not provided so far the best option on the Schwinn 470 is to make some resistance and to incline adjustment on the fly. It does provide 5 quick keys a piece for some resistance. If the user is looking for some added advantages the controls are located at their fingertips.

It also produces a total of 25 ECB resistance settings. This can’t be found on a lot of midrange elliptical. The Schwinn 470 is a winning brand for instance it has bells and whistles for serious workout experience. While this is true it also has a USB port which allows you to enjoy your favorite music while exercising.

Important Features:

  • check
    Updated LCD and goal trucking
  • check
    Integrated heart monitor
  • check
    Easy assembly

2. Exerpeutic 1318 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Is sweat is our best accessory after running our favorite new Exerpeutic 5000 magnetic elliptical? It comes with special features like Bluetooth and mobile app capability which helps you track your workout anywhere at any time.

Just download the Exerpeutic 5000 app, which is available in the app store and Google Play. Both will easily enable you to pair with Bluetooth connection.

Then log in to set up your personal connection and you are ready to track your workout. Every time you use your Exerpeutic 5000 your workout will be recorded, how easy that is for serious fitness. However, the Exerpeutic 5000 is well designed and sleek. It produces some natural stride motion, the lowest position of the stride peddle is 6 inches above the ground, providing safe on and off capability.

And the distance between the two paddles is also 6 inches which reduce the strain on the inner things. The 18 inches soft smooth stride lines provide a comfortable info range of movement. In particular, the Exerpeutic 5000 also comes in with 4 peddles which works on the lower case and upper case of the human body.

The upper case peddles provide a complete upper body workout which uses 270 lbs. In the Exerpeutic 5000, there is a double transmission which operates with the two fly wheels and 2 belt design system which give you peddle momentum.

And a soft smoother striding motion, the large stride peddle provide any foot slip when exercising. Striding is smooth and quiet because of the dabble transmission flywheel peddle drive.

With its smart computer console, you can choose from 12 different programs and also 7 training modes. The computer on the Exerpeutic 5000 also allows you to determine how challenging you want your workout to be by selecting the 24 magnetic level tension system.

Which monitors your lap time, calories burned distance, rpm and heart rate. The Exerpeutic 5000 consumes less space however you can move it easily through its wheels to anywhere at any time.

The Exerpeutic 5000 is a masterpiece that is built for serious users only with quality fitness results. Despite all the unique values the Exerpeutic 5000 has, it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Important Features:

  • check
    Bluetooth mobile app tracking
  • check
    18”elliptical stride
  • check
    Double transmission

3. Nautilus E614 Elliptical

Most of us are tired of showing the drive and consistent effort but don’t reach our goals. If this is normal and familiar to you, the next level is to find a Nautilus E 614 which has a 20-inch stride length and 22 workout different programs.

And this tool will always give you a reason to challenge your fitness level. The Nautilus E 614 is perfect for the whole family.

However, it contains only two user interfaces. The Nautilus E 614 which is enhanced with special features like the dual track LCD monitoring system. Which allows you to watch your favorite channels while still keeping track of time distance and calories burning.

It also comes with a USB charging port for phones and tablets. In addition, it has the ability to transfer data from your nautilus e 614 to different fitness clients and individuals.

It also got your entertainment of choice covered in multiple ways. The Nautilus E 614 come with high motion drive, which includes a high motion speed drive system, such that when combined with the weighted flywheel which makes a smooth quiet workout which has no ability to disturb others in the same gym or room at home.

Besides all the ergonomically designed handles of the device, it includes sensitive heart rate with monitors that allow you to witness exactly where your heart is heading as you use the nautilus e614.

I recommend the Nautilus E 614 to all individuals, in that it is designed in a compact footprint for small space. When assembled it measures, 71 inches by 28 inches by 70 inches. A compact machine that can fit into most home gyms with minimal troubles.

Its space concerns also drove Nautilus E 614 to include an adjustable fan, allowing fans to give themselves a good cool air within the entire workout. And this is the features that simply can’t be found around the block.

The Nautilus E 614 rather come with a 5-year full warranty and a lifetime warranty on frame from a recognized dealer in the field of exercise equipment. Its compact and efficient devices are intended to give in a vast array of different possibilities.

Important Features:

  • check
    Dual track LCD window system
  • check
    Goal tracking and data exporting
  • check
    Charging station for phones and tablets 

4. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

If you are looking for a good elliptical to get in shape and burn some extra body fat while staying within the comfort of your home, then the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical machine is the right choice for you.

Although it may sound a bit pricey, the Sole E35 will impress you with its reliability and performance.

To many, it is the best performing machine within its category. Let’s look at the features. It's built with a strong frame that can support heavy loads and human beings. Its frame thickness is about 1.5 inches of steel and looks like it was designed to resist rust forever.

However, it offers 375 pounds of users weight capacity making it suitable for everyone. It is designed with resistance control capability. It has a powering feature that provides the ability to control the resistance level on the go pretty much like club level elliptical.

The Sole E35 offers a heavy duty 25 lbs aluminum flywheel with less friction resistance which provides a very overwhelming performance. Unlike the other high-end elliptical trainers. It is also designed to provide smooth and noiseless performance while peddling. And this is one of the prime features of the Sole E35.

However, like other elliptical machines it also equipped with an integrated sound system that works with audio devices, actually it is very quiet and you will be able to enjoy your music while working out. The Sole E35 is pretty clear in that, it offers a 7.5 inch blue LCD display which shows all the necessary information like distance, speed, calories count, and resistance levels.

Another nice feature is a stride length. It is power adjustable in the range of 20 to 22 inches to accommodate users of various heights the sole e35 is one of a kind.

It also comes with custom designed foot pedals and it’s a great feature if more than 1 user is going to use the elliptical. In contrary, the Sole E35 comes with a 5 years warranty on parts,2 years labor, and lifetime for the frame. The Sole E35 is not a commercial machine. However it is for home use, it has pretty much everything you would expect from a high level elliptical.

Important Features:

  • check
    20” stride with 30 incline levels
  • check
    Tablet computer holder
  • check
    Syncs with mobile app

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Elliptical Machine

And I quote by brainy quotes take care of your body to enjoy the glow of good health, Sunny SF-E902 is a full body workout elliptical machine that is designed to target muscles in your arms, as well as your legs.

It has a smooth nonslip pedal, which helps stimulate slow or run at full length while maintaining continuous kinetic.

The Sunny SF-E902 has some special features that enable the user to feel appreciated by nature like the informative single LCD which monitors and displays time calories banned and the total distance covered. It is a home-based elliptical which has the ability to save space the SF-E902 measures, 15L x 19w x 61.5h.

The compact deal of the elliptical machine is a home use only in that it also provides awareness in progress of the user. However it is easy to assemble, and it comes with a great price from China whereby almost everybody at home should have his or hers, in order to keep the family members in great shape and happy as well.

The machine will make a lot of people enjoy the health benefits of it, the cardio exercise benefits produced does improve the quality of life and reduce immobility. Although a big population of people likes using this machine, it does not have adjustable resistance to make it easy or difficult. It also squeaks is used for a certain period of a given time.

It is advisable that for those who want a light workout tool and a non-complex should opt for a Sunny SF-E902 air walk trainer, and is also considered the best for such individuals. The Sunny SF-E902 strides are fixed, so to say that some people might not feel comfortable in it due to their body size.

The trainer is small and light so makes it easy to store and conveniently. The SF-E902 is considered affordable and it has no much within its cores. It comes with a 1-year warranty, from the manufacturer.

Important Features:

  • check
    Full body toning
  • check
    Abdominal pad for comfort and support
  • check
    Smooth and quiet

Elliptical Machine - Buying Guide

Elliptic machine trainers are now most know as, easy way of boy fitness and training indoors in a small space. They help in weight reduction, burn down calories, and make bones stronger, below are recommended things you should consider before buying 1 for you and your family.


First and foremost consider the budget and purpose of the product. What’s your budget? You will also need to research the features of the elliptical trainer. For instance, if your wish was a personal daily use and interested in bells and alarms, consider comparing the prices first and an added advantage of the machine.

On the other hand, if only your interest is based on, heart rate monitoring program and other advanced consoles, the truth of the matter is, you do not want to pay more if you want a lesser goal.

Design, Size, and Space:

However, you can also consider the space and design depending on the brand, some trainers are more complicated, and come with a newer design other than the one you knew back then get to know your space size and needs which will also guide you in choosing the best elliptical trainer, which, fits your needs, by knowing your space requirement.

It helps you choose the overall design of an elliptical. Such that some of them tend to be so long like a bed, even the buyer gets frustrated with the choice. But the choice made was not wrong actually it fitted the required needs, the obvious problem was space was underestimated, and that’s why I recommend checking your elliptical first before you make a choice.

Flywheels and Brake Resistance:

The most important things to consider is the brake resistance system and the flywheel, they should be given the first priority before buying an elliptical trainer.

In the current market the brake use magnets to create resistance, which is most common among users. The flywheels are also very important where they weigh an average of 15 pounds where else some may cost even more than that.


Features like console are considered too, consider an elite type of trainer which includes options like apple, and Android presence, internet connectivity, and in build speakers for your entertainment while working it out. Moreover, you can also, consider the number of workout programs and heart rate monitoring system, you can get 8 to 28 workout programs depending on your budget.

Length of the Stride:

Sometime family members would love to use the same elliptical trainer, therefore it is encouraged to the consumer to consider a custom option which is great for multiple users. Thus people with different body figures and sizes can adjust to their taste.

When we talk of customized strides, mean that the strides are adjustable in length, from front to back of the trainer, the shorter or longer of the stride depends on the brand some elliptical have up to 28 inches of stride, while some have just 20 inches.


Last but not list the warranty is one thing which a lot of people forget to look at, the warranty is a very important tool in elliptical trainers which stands for quality, assurance, and trust from the manufacturer has on its products.

Warranty differs in different way and factors, most brands offer a life time warranty on the frame, while labor and part have an expiring warranty of which the duration is about 1 year, it is recommended that one should buy an elliptical machine which has 2 to 3 years of warranty.

Final Word:

In particular, a discussion about the energy of fitness is high. In the modern world, human beings have a need to emphasis on developing elliptical trainers in a large number, which have little or less environmental impacts.

The elliptical trainers are economical and help meet your fitness goal in a convenient manner at home and at any time when need be. Moreover, modern ellipticals are readily available in stores, whereby each and every one of us is recommended by health officers to have at least one within your compound so that you can enjoy the life of fitness and being alive.

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