Best Mountain Bike Trainer for 2018 – Top Models Reviewed!

The days are shorter, the nights are colder, the air is drier and the determination to go outside in cold/freezing weather is either at or below. But the winter weather blues should never prohibit you from enjoying a fulfilling workout. Purchasing a bike trainer is one of those ways to stay in shape, healthy and ready to hit the trails when warmer weather finally unveils itself in the Spring. Look no further for your comprehensive guide on some of the hottest and best bike trainers on the market today.

Best Mountain Bike Trainer - Comparison



Fit Bike’s Wheel



26 inch to 28 inch

1 Year Limited Warranty

Upto 29 inch

Lifetime Warranty

22 inch to 29 inch

Lifetime Warranty

26 inch to 27 inch

Manufacturer’s Warranty

26 inch to 29 inch

2 Years Limited Warranty

22 inch to 29 inch

Lifetime Warranty

Mountain Bike Trainer - Review

I have personally tested each of these Best Mountain Bike Trainers below. In order to determine how well they perform.I am happy to say that each of these trainers did exceptionally well, and you will be happy with any of them.

1. RAD Cycle Products MAX Gonzo Bike Trainer


  • check
    Works great for the price
  • check
    Great for both professionals and beginners to train and stay in shape year round
  • check
    Easily assembled
  • check
    Has its own quick release system


  • Not as quiet as promoted; customers have complained about a grinding noise
  • Many have complained the trainer does not fit their 29' wheels properly

2. CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling Trainer

3. Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

4. Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer

5. AccelaVelo Mag-XA Adjustable Magnetic Bike Trainer

6. Kinetic Magnetic 3.0 Trainer

Final Word:

Many of these trainers are considered the best in the industry. If you're a beginner, it’s probably best to start by researching these trainers and finding one that fits your interests, fitness goals and lifestyle. In my opinion, all of these trainers are of great quality, though some better than others, and the only true competition between them is the price points. Most of the companies have developed well-known reputations throughout the cycling industry, which means their products are trustworthy, qualified and deliver on their promises.

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