6 Best Spin Bikes in 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Physical fitness is one of the crucial elements to healthy living. But none brings it out better than having the right gear for the job. If you want to stay psyched and burning calories, then a spin bike is the one for you. But what are some of the Best Spin Bikes around? What exactly does it take to find the perfect bike? And what goes to the maintenance to enhance performance and durability? Well, you need to stick around to find out about all these and much more. First, let's look into the juicy part, where you get to choose from the top six spin bikes in town. Then we will jump into the other essential aspects. Read on!


Indoor Cycling Bike Smooth Belt Driven (Model D600)

Best Spin Bikes - Comparison

With any of these spin bikes around: you can easily take your workout a notch higher. But the main challenge for many is selecting the ideal one. Stick around to find out what it takes to have the spin bikes for your exercise needs.




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Selected Spin Bikes Reviews

Selecting the perfect spin bike can prove to be a daunting feat with all the options on the market. Not to worry: here are the top six recommended options that you can try.

1. Indoor Cycling Bike Smooth Belt Driven (Model D600)

First up, the 4-way adjustable seat design of this Indoor Cycling spin bike that can take on virtually anything you throw at it.

What's more, not only is it built for heavy-duty, it also comes with numerous benefits too.

Take on Any Terrain:

The friction adjustable resistance simulates different terrains on this bike. Better yet, the control knob is right at the handles, giving you convenient access to turn it to fit your needs.

Comfortable Ride All the Way:

With the multi-grip bars, you can take charge from up to three different positions. Get the perfect posture or keep changing if you are riding for hours on end. When you consider the adjustable height of the bars, you have every reason to keep going. This knob further doubles as the emergency brake for the bike.

One of the comfiest things about this bike is the saddle. Not only is it adjustable to 4-way options, but also wide enough for comfort. Factor in the breathable material to this design, and the perfect heat dissipation and air permeability top everything up.

Ideal Display:

The other thing that stands out about this bike is the LED monitor. You can track distance, speed, time, calories burned and odometers as well as the pulse.

And there's more. The most interesting thing about this bike is the wide range of other benefits. From taking on up to 400 lbs, adjustable stabilizers, to the durable robust structure, you can count on this bike for the long haul.

2. EFITMENT Indoor Cycle Bike Magnetic Cycling Trainer

The ICO31 proves to be yet another outstanding bike on the market. You will love it for the manual resistance system that can work without having to connect it to power.

But the array of other benefits makes this bike blow the competition away.

Keep the Readings Handy:

If you want a bike that will keep the time, distance, calories, pulse, and speed right in front of you, then this is it. And it's all thanks to the perfect LCD display, and the large, easy-to-read digits. Its SCAN function also works the magic of displaying any of these at intervals of six seconds. But you can always toggle it to suit your needs.


For lasting service, the durable frame and sturdy design make this home bike the deal for the long run. Another thing that I recommend this bike for is the smooth and virtually silent belt drive.

Heavy-duty Machine:

The other thing I would suggest this bike for is the robust adjustable stabilizers. Not forgetting, it can take on up to 275 lbs, catering to plus size users as well.


The spring suspensions and thick cushioning on the seat is designed for sheer comfort. I also recommend this bike for its belt drive tech. This makes the operation is smooth and almost utterly silent.

And more Benefits:

The bottle holder, tablet holder, and the zero-friction magnetic resistance are also to be reckoned with too. But you cannot afford to miss the adjustable handlebar and bi-directional flywheel for ideal momentum.

3. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black

Here comes yet another recommendable option for spin bikes die-hards.

Forget the simple adjustable pull-in seat: this bike has a whole lot more benefits to offer.

Easy Storage:

I would suggest this bike for many reasons, but none can beat its ease-of-storage. It has ideal transport wheels on the base. With these, you can move it around and store it easily.

Perfect Sensors:

The other outstanding benefit you will come to love about this bike is its back-lit sensors. It can detect the light levels around, and it will turn on whenever necessary.

The Connectivity:

What more would you ask for than a wireless connectivity in a workout bike? Well, the Bluetooth capability of this one makes it the go-to option for many. It gives you the opportunity to track your performance with an App and store the record for any session.

Ultimate Performance:

First, the V-shaped design caters to any user when it comes to this bike. Then you cannot miss the display readouts. From Power Output to cadence, heart rate and current gear as well as the elapsed time, you can keep track of every aspect. Not forgetting, this bike can handle up to 350 lbs.

Built for The Long Run:

You may count on it for the reduced the wear, but its ability to offer more repeatability is truly outstanding. Then the smooth, quiet operation and simple maintenance single belt will blow you away.

4. Xspec Pro Stationary Upright iBiking+ Exercise Smart Cycling Bike

If there's one thing I can recommend this bike for, it has to be its solid Aluminum frame. This means the bike is built to last you for ages.

But that's just the beginning, it still packs more benefits up its sleeve.

Comfortable Handling:

You can hardly miss the comfort that the non-slip grip handles of this bike offer. And that further ensures you are conveniently in control all the time. More of comfort also comes in with the ergonomic saddle, thanks to its adjustable seat base.

Hi-tech at It's Best:

Another interesting benefit of this bike is the Hi Way as well as iBiking+ app compatibility. What's more, when it comes to tracking your speed, time, calories burned and the distance, this bike never disappoints. The pulse and heart sensor is also a much welcome addition.

Keep Your Feet on the Pedal:

I can hardly stress enough the importance of maintaining a constant grip on the pedals. Well, that seems to be what this bike prospers in among the  spin bikes. You can always count on its slip-free toe cage pedals.

Stay in Control:

If you want to turn up the heat or bail at a moment's notice, the Xspec has got you covered. Thanks to the adjustable friction resistance, you can easily tune it up to fit your needs. And if something goes wrong, then the emergency brake kicks into your rescue.

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C Indoor Cycling Bike

No bike takes indoor cycling to another notch like this one does with its heavy-duty frame.

And that's not all yet: it also boasts a vast range of its other benefits that you will come to love too.

Everything Runs Smoothly:

Although not as silent as the belt drive bikes, this bike is definitely among the top rated spin bikes around in terms of a smooth ride. The reason I recommend this bike is that it fits both beginners and seasoned athletes alike.

Can't Beat the Adjustable Design:

Since it is built to suit virtually any user, this bike is adjustable in almost every joint. From the saddles to the handlebars, everything is flexible. You cannot miss the fact that the textured design gives it a better grip too. Forget about the workout gloves, this bike has got you covered.

Robust Enough:

If there's one thing that I can recommend this bike for, it has to be the solid structure, capable of taking on 275lbs. Talk of the combination of the sturdy steel frame with the high-performance crank. The bike proves to be strong enough to offer you the bang for your buck.

Easy Storage doesn't Come Easier:

When it comes to storage, even some of the spin bikes prove to be hectic for users. Well, this one stands out with the ideal design and dimensions. And of course, its transport wheels stand out when it comes to portability.

6. Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Adjustable Indoor Cycle

You might love this bike for its 16 level eddy current magnetic resistance if you like it rough.

Or you may love the LCD screen display if you are into keeping track of every aspect as you exercise.

Numerous Preset Programs:

Among the things that make this bike feature among the recommended spin bikes is the vast range of preset programs. Up to 14 preset programs mean you can always do more with your bike according to your needs.

Ideal Construction:

If there's one benefit that I recommend this bike for, it has to be how the ease of moving it around. You can count on the lightweight, compact design for the ease that goes to the portability of your bike.

Measure Your Pulse Rate from the Grips:

This isn't something you will find in most indoor spin bikes. And it's not all there is: the versatile console has more to add to the mix. You can keep an eye on numerous values of interest as you ride on.

The Center of Comfort:

When it comes to comfort, there's no better place to turn than checking out this bike. Talk of the adjustable seats and handlebars, or the contoured, ergonomic, padded seats. 

Save Space Around:

If you want to install your bike but space is not on your side, then this one might be the go-to option. Thanks to the small footprint, this bike fits pretty well in in-house gyms or tight apartments where space is a bit of a problem.

Guaranteed Stability:

Working on a wobbly spin bike is the last thing any pro athlete wants to put up with on a workout. Well, the hefty design of the Diamondback is well suited for making it stable enough. You might expose it to quite some hard beating. You can even push it to take on 300 lbs. And with the flywheel on board, you can expect a smooth ride.

Best Spin Bike - Buying Guide

Spin bikes have proved to be crucial for the job when it comes to setting up your gym, indoors. So, what is it that you need to look out for before placing your money on the line? Not to worry: here are a few aspects to look into before clicking that buy button.

Ensure The Handlebars And Seats Are Adjustable:

Convenience comes first in the spin bikes. As such, most of them usually feature adjustable for a realistic riding experience. Any bike with an up/down and fore/aft adjustment is a perfect option. Check out for the handlebars too, as being adjustable means they can cater to diverse arm lengths or preferences.

Check To Ensure The Transport Wheels Are There:

For users who keep the bike in one room, then this consideration might not mean much. But if you will be moving it around quite often, then you cannot afford to miss this crucial aspect. After all, you want to make moving your spin bike around to be super easy.

Keep An Eye On The Flywheel Too:

This wheel might be on the front or rear of the bike. But no matter the location, it proves to be quite crucial. Remember, the larger it is, the smoother the ride becomes. If you want to feel like you are really riding down the road, then keep this aspect in mind when shopping.

How Challenging Does It Get?

The resistance levels are also worth a hard look when shopping for your next workout ride. Most of the cheaper models out there have lower resistance levels. Besides, most of them feature friction resistance design. This could lead to fast wear and tear, but you can always get a shot at options that are more reliable, it might cost you pretty penny. But for a challenging workout and durability, it is usually worthy fronting the extra cost.

Have you Considered the Console Yet:

This aspect is among the ones you cannot afford to overlook. Most of the consoles in some of the spin bikes come with an LCD display. It might not mean much to most users though. Nevertheless, if you are into tracking your progress, then a console is your friend. You can see the calories you have burned, the time, distance and speed of your workout among other things.

The Construction Counts Too:

This means to keep an eye out for virtually every aspect of the bike. From the frame to the pedals, the seat as well as the handlebar grip. For the frame, a sturdy one goes a long way to ensure sturdiness and durability. The pedals, on the other hand, could mean all the difference, especially if you find the non-slip ones.

A well-padded seat can be a great addition to your bike's comfort over long hours. Even better, if it is adjustable, then you are on for the ride of your life. Ergonomic non-slip handles also come in handy to transform your comfort throughout the workout.

How To Maintain Your Spin Bike:

Finding the best spin bike out there is just the beginning. The challenge is keeping it in top form. You must maintain your bike well if you want to make the most out of it and have it around for years. Now, this is where care and maintenance come into the play.

  • Thorough leaning on regular basis goes a long way. Wash the right parts with an ideal degreaser before lubricating them and re-installing them.
  • The torque settings on the pedals too require regular checks. You can inspect them once every month to ensure they are in best form for use. If you use the bike regularly, bi-weekly inspection is essential.
  • All the screws also need a hard look occasionally. Keep a close inspection on the screws on your water bottle space and tighten them if they loosen.
  • Chain tension also calls for a regular inspection. But this isn't a daunting task. Stand on the pedals at the 3 and 9 o clock positions and balancing your weight. You will thus be able to tell if you will need to do any adjustments.
  • Releasing all tensions after every use also goes a long way. You can prevent the chains or cables from over-stretching. Besides, you need to open it up to release moisture, hence keeping damage and corrosion at a minimum. 

Final Verdict:

The journey to successful workout starts with finding the perfect bike. And with any option in this spin bikes reviews, you can always take matters to a whole new level. The choice is all yours. Go for the one that best fits your needs, and rides your way to physical fitness.

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