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Maintaining Your Inline Skates As A Biker

If you are a biker, you certainly are very happy with your bike riding. But as a secondary entertainment option, an inline skates can be a great one. Moreover, the maintenance of an inline skates is very simple. It starts with little practices such as keeping your boots, frame, and wheels clean and checking on their conditions just like you do with your bike checking.

And it is always better to deal on time. Maintaining your best inline skates for fitness in time saves you the cost and burden of searching for new parts. You will also enjoy a better experience when your skates are in good condition.

Maintaining Your Inline Skates As A Biker

Maintaining Your Inline Skates - A Easy Guide For You

All you need for your item's maintenance is a skate toolbox with either a blade tool or Allen tool, a cleaning solution (usually citric based), dry rug, some newspapers, and a lubricant.

The following practices are prioritized to maintain your inline skates. The following are the things that you should know when it comes to maintain your inline skates.

Wheel Rotation:

Skaters are always pushing on the inside of the wheels. Eventually, their wheels will become angled on the side and this is where wheel rotation comes in handy. It helps extend your wheel's life.

Wheel rotation is easy. You just have to swap the first and third wheel and the second and fourth wheel while flipping them making their insides the outsides. You can use bike Mobil to the inline skates wheel for better rotation.

Cleaning Your Bearings:

While rotating your wheels, also do a check on your bearings and make sure they're rust-free. To keep your bearings working efficiently, avoid skating through the water since it will make the bearings rust and get ruined eventually. Crunchiness in the bearings is an indication that they have rust and you will need to replace them.

Cleaning your bearings is a necessary servicing. First, remove the bearings from the wheel and wipe off dirt and dust then uncover the bearings carefully with the blade tool. Once aside, place the parts in the cleaning solution and shake them to clear the old grease off.

Dry the parts and re-lube them with the available lubricant. You then re-assemble the bearings, wipe off excess lubricant and place back the bearing cover. Lastly, put the bearings back to the wheel and re-attach your axles and you're good to go.

N.B - You can save your money by using the lubricant you use in your bike.

Checking Your Brakes:

Brakes wear out over time. It is necessary to replace your brake pads when they wear out to prevent wear and tear of your skate frames. Brake pads are good for about half their size or until they wear out to the marked line indicating the limit for using the brake.

Adjust The Wheel Bolts Properly:

The performance of the wheel of your stake also depend on the adjustment of wheel bolts. It is a simple checking criteria to check the wheel bolt that if it is tightened enough or not. And this checking is a must for all the wheel. But one thing to keep in mind that you should tight such ways that the wheel must spin freely.

Check For Damages:

For a couple of times, you skate, ensure to reaffirm the condition of your skates. Check if the nuts and bolts are properly tightened and if necessary, re-tighten them. You should also look at the brake pads for possible wear and tear. For efficient braking ensure that your brake pads are not loose.

Drying And Airing:

Dry your skates with a rug after using them in the rain and place them on some newspaper so that any moisture is absorbed. After skating, leave your skates wide open to aerate them and reduce smells and bacteria.

Check Your Buckles And Laces Of your Inline Stake:

Most of the people forget to check the buckles, laces of the inline stake. You should check that those items are tightened or not or missing. If you find any of these loose or missing, then you should take immediate action to fix it or replace it. As a safety measure, these checking and maintaining is very important for the support and safety of your one.


Generally, maintenance is all about ensuring that your equipment lasts longer and that it provides the best performance at all times. Doing regular maintenance ensures that your skates are in good condition all the time.

So, getting backup parts while purchasing your inline skates will boost maintenance since you would be able to replace the necessary parts without struggling to look for new ones. I hope you now have the right information that you need when it comes to inline skate maintenance., is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Protection Status
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