10 Best Mountain Bike Brands You Should Know

Mountain biking is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can engage in. If you want to make your riding experience exciting and memorable, you need to have a nice mountain bike. When it comes to selecting a quality mountain bike, there are so many brands that you can choose from.

So, how will you know which brand is the best? What are some of the most popular mountain bike brands that you should know? This guide provides you with top-rated brands that produce quality and reliable mountain bikes. They include the following:

Best Mountain Bike Brands

Mountain Bike Brands List


Diamondback Bikes is one of the best mountain bike brands you can consider. This is a brand that was established in the 1970s, and they have been producing incredible mountain bikes that meet the needs of riders. This reputable brand provides users with durable and affordable mountain bikes, unlike other competitors.

As compared to other big bike brands, Diamondback allows customers to buy directly from their website. You can also find amazing bike tutorials that can help you enhance your riding experience.

Schwinn Bikes:

Schwinn Company was founded in Chicago. The Mountain bike brand in one of the pioneer bicycle companies in America and was formed in the year 1895. This was by a German-born Mechanical Engineer by the name Ignaz Schwinn. The brand was undisputedly the most prioritized in the US in the 20th Century.

The brand has gained a reputation due to its affordable and long-lasting bikes. Schwinn has assured top speed thus a great selection for riders. Unlike other bike brands, Schwinn brands have been able to sponsor a variety of bicycle races.

Mongoose Bikes:

Mongoose has designed, manufactured, and branded bikes under the BMX products, Inc. The brand was founded in the state of California based in the year 1974. The mongoose bike brands wanted to improve on the single wheel bicycles which the company was previously manufacturing.

The Mongoose bike manufacturers have mountain bikes that provide great suspension. They are one of the best bike branding companies that have designed mountain bikes that are durable and pocket-friendly. The bike brand is currently being manufactured and sold Pacific cycle, which is owned by Dorel industries.


Merax bikes have always been the most preferred bikes in the market. Merax mountain bikes brand ever release the best quality of bikes, giving a lifelong service to the riders. The design of the bike defines the comfort one gets while riding it. The Merax bikes design outstands in the market and always giving the most preferred comfort.

Merax bikes come with affordable pocket-friendly prices. The Merax bikes come with the hydraulic brakes, and rear only shift which is an added advantage to the users.


Do you find joy in riding bikes? If yes, try bikes from Vilano mountain bikes brand. Their incredible comfort always turns bike riding from a just mere leisure activity to the all-time hobby. Vilano bikes can sustain a high speed without spinning. The design of these bikes is excellent, and the well-chosen mechanical components offer a high stopping power. The making materials of Vilano mountain bikes makes it suitable for both on and off-road adventures.

The affordability of Vilano bikes makes the price, not a barrier. They offer professional services with exceptional reliability.


Do you think you got the best mountain bike? Is your bike associated with Beiou mountain bike brand? If your answer is a no, you should try Beiou bikes. The Beiou mountain bikes brand have over 15 years of experience in this industry. Beiou bikes use the latest Beiou carbon fiber technology that mainly focuses on the safety and performance of the bikes.

The beiou bikes have a great design that entails the Shimano 105 kit and a Shimano 596 oil dish brake system. Mountain bikes from beiou offer a smooth-riding both in and off the road.


GMC mountain bike brand produces durable and lightweight products. Mountain bikes from this brand are the best for both the beginners and the experienced riders. GMC bikes are equipped to navigate high speeds, and casual riding hence can be the right choice if you desire to make riding a professional.

The GMC bikes are designed to withstand the tears and wear hence will serve for the most prolonged period. Bikes from Gmc mountain bike brand are readily available in the markets and their website. The prices are affordable, therefore not a thing to keep you worrying. The GMC mountain brand offers professional services, try it.


Raleigh mountain bike brand is among the oldest but still promising and market-leading brands. It was founded in 1885, and by 1913 it was the leading bike manufacturing company in the world. The Raleigh bikes come with classic lines for spinning in pavements.

Mountain bikes from Raleigh mountain bike brand survive all roads hence the best for all types of adventure. Raleigh bikes use the latest technology with lightweight materials. The prices of this mountain are easily affordable.


Safety of the rider and an excellent performing mountain bike is all we aim at when choosing a mountain bike. Giordano mountain bike brand is a goal-oriented brand with endless enthusiasm to provide excellent performing bikes with a keen eye on the safety of the rider.

The Giordano mountain bikes brand use traditional techniques with the latest technology, which makes these bikes more relatable. The Giordano bikes in the market have all been tested and proved to be fit. The materials used to make the Giordano bikes are durable and light for movement with a great combination to withstand all the tears and wears.


Are you aware that revolutionized high performing mountain folding bikes are in the market? Montague mountain bikes brand attains its recognition worldwide due to its fantastic capability to bring folding bikes with circus wheels permanently erasing the stigmatization associated with the folding bikes. The excellent performance of this brand comes as a result of immense experience in this industry.

Products from Montague mountain bike brand are always of high quality with a patented design for more comfort while in the road. The frames are sturdy with full-sized wheels for all-adventures at a speed of your choice.

Besides above 10 top ten brands, there are few more brands which are producing top-notch mountain bikes.


Just as the name suggests, Giant bikes brand produces mountain bikes that are very strong and sturdy. King Liu founded giant Bikes brand in Taiwan. This was in the 1970s and has since then been the top choice mountain bike brand. Giant bikes are one of the companies with bikes that have endured for a long time.

The brand has designed the bike with materials that ensure long-lasting use of a quality suspension system of its kind. They provide adjustable bikes to suit different conditions. Furthermore, the brand has manufactured a variety of bikes suitable for women, especially with the geometry used to make them.

Santa Cruz:

The brand name Santa Cruz is attributed to the location where the company is based. This is in Santa Cruz, California. The brand was founded in the year 1994. It has continuously improved its geometry design to better the rider's experience with their bikes. Three partners founded the brand has no chance to compromise on efficacy.

Santa Cruz manufacturers have an impressive designing record. This has made the brand to be among the top brands in the US. Their bikes are well equipped with study components for greater handling. Unlike other brands, the brand sponsors a bike racing team by the name Santa Cruz Syndicate.


Trek Bicycle Cooperation is another bike company that you need to know about. This is a quality mountain bike manufacturer that is among the best bike brands. It is a brand that was established in 1975 by John Burke and has gained a lot of dealers since then.

The brand is at some point considered to be a manufacturer Hybrid bike brand due to the great design of the Trek bikes. It is branded to range from adventuring, hiking, sporting and road trips. When you talk of a bicycle company that designs durable bike brands, then Trek is one of them.


The GT bike brand was established in the year 1979 by Richard Long and Gray Turner. The brand is very famous due to its Triple Triangle design, which offers excellent suspension. It provides users with comfortable riding experience, and it is also affordable for riders.

Compared to other bikes brand, GT bikes brand manufacturers have made it have a seat tube which is parallel to the downtube. Thus, making the brand to be able to achieve top speeds. Additionally, the brand has made it comfortable for the have reduced vibration occurrence.


Yeti bikes is a bike brand that is an American based manufacturer that makes high quality bikes. It is not only a bike manufacturing brand, but it also deals with a variety of components related to bikes.

This brand has sponsored many riders in many competitions in the US. Since 1985, the company has hence gained a lot of fame for producing high-speed bikes.


This is a United States-based company that is in charge of designing, manufacturing, and marketing the Specialized bikes. It was founded about 45 years back and has since the raised to be among the top bicycle brand in the USA. The specialized bike brand produces bikes with amazing design.

When it began, the company had to import spare parts from Europe to the USA. Mike Sinyard had to import components from an Italian based company. This was until 1976 when the company began to produce its bikes. It has manufactured many bikes of its kind e.g., Globe brand.


Kona bikes a well-known and trusted mountain bike brand. It is based in the Pacific Northwest and was founded by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron in the year 1988. This was in Vancouver in Canada. The brand has expanded since then to open more distribution centers.
It manufactures top design mountain bikes that offer great rides. The durability of their products is evident. The Kona brand has made a list of mountain bikes for road trips or even hiking.

Final Words:

When you are buying a mountain bike, the brand greatly matters. Of course, you don't want to buy a bike from a brand that is not recognized on the market. There are so many mountain bike brands on the market, but this doesn't mean that they all produce the best products. So, if you are considering to buy a mountain bike, any of the above brands will be a great purchase. These are well-known brands that have been on the market for many years. The above brands are trustworthy, and you will enjoy the value for your purchase.

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