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Best Cyclocross Bikes In 2022 - Top Models Tested & Reviewed By Experts!

Best Cyclocross Bikes In 2022 – Top Models Tested & Reviewed By Experts!

A good cyclocross bike makes a good cyclocross racer. Finding the best cyclocross bikes is easier said than done. In fact, there’s an overwhelming number of brands and models that will leave you confused. But that shouldn’t be difficult anymore since we’ve got you covered.

With a fair selection of the different models available, we’ve managed to test and handpick the best bikes at an affordable price range. Below is an in-depth review of each model and a buyers guide to help in your selection.

Best Cyclocross Bikes - Comparisons!

Best Cyclocross Bikes Review

Assembly Information:

Nashbar 105 arrives partially assembled. Things to put together are the seat, front wheel, stem & handlebar, and pedals. Air the tires to make the bike ready for the road.

Important Features of this bike:
  • Stiff, lightweight A6-SL aluminum frame
  • FC770 carbon fork with tapered integrated aluminum steers
  • 11-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain
  • TRP Spyre 2-piece mechanical disc brakes
  • 700x35c kenda Block tires
  • Size options: 50cm, 52cm, and 54cm

2. Raleigh Bikes RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike (A Great Unisex Bike!)

This is a single-speed bike ideal for coasting. It lacks derailleur gears and hub gearing. This is to keep weight to a minimum. Fewer components also means less maintenance and less chance of getting clogged up with mud and dirt. The bike has 42T chain ring built for speed.

All-Round Kenda Small Block 8 Tires:

Amok V2 uses hard pack Kenda tires designed for fast acceleration. These tires have multiple close-spaced knobs to provide lots of grips. They fit onto double-walled 700c rims that provide a perfect balance of strength and weight.

Assembly Information:

Amok V2 bike is partially assembled. Things that need putting together to complete assembly process are the pedals, brakes, handlebar, seat, and front wheel.

Important Features of this bike:
  • Double-butted chromoly frame
  • Convertible geometry
  • Single-speed with 42T chain ring
  • 700 double-walled rims with kenda Block tires
  • Sealed bearing hub and bottom bracket
  • Front and rear cantilever brakes
  • Size options: 50cm, 54cm, and 60cm

Things To Consider Before Buying Cyclocross Bike

Making the right choice on the right cyclocross bike is quite crucial. It all starts with a consideration of the must-have features and other factors that make a good cyclocross bike. Below are the things to watch out for when looking for the best cyclocross bike.


Cyclocross bikes aren’t normally that cheap. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best buy at a price that’s affordable for you. Some good entry-level bikes can be found below the $500 price range. Cyclocross bikes sporting most of the features you get on high-end options can be found under the $1000 price tag. Advanced bike for no-professional riding can be found for under$1500.

Frame material:

Material often determines the sturdiness, strength, and durability of a bike. There are three main options in cyclocross bike materials. There’s aluminum known for being inexpensive but with great weight saving. Chromoly steel is highly durable and of considerably low weight. Carbon is often found on the high-end models and offers greater strength to weight ratio.


A good part of cyclocross racing involves carrying the bike on the shoulders. Therefore a lighter bike is very crucial. Settle for the lightest option at a price range you can afford.


Brakes are the major safety components in a bike. There are three categories to choose from in the world of cyclocross bikes. There’s the cantilever brake system that’s more or less okay. Mechanical disc brakes make a good option while hydraulic brakes are superb for the task.

Cable Routing:

As said earlier on, cyclocross racing involves a lot of hoisting and carrying. To make it easier for you, choose a bike with cables routed at the top of the head tube. Internal cable routing is a better choice though you might have to spend a little more for that.


Cyclocross bikes are created to be all-purpose rides. That means you have to settle for high-quality tires that are adapted to all terrains and riding conditions.

Final Word:

Finding the right cyclocross bikes require more than just guesswork. As you’ve seen, there are many different considerations you need to factor in ranging from price to the different components. Good thing is that we’ve given you a review of our recommended bikes and a buyers guide to help make a wise selection. Now the ball is in your court. Make a decision, place an order for your new bike, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Updated January 2, 2022
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