Best Hybrid Bikes Under 1000 Dollars For 2019 – Check Our Top Picks!

​A versatile bike makes for a fun riding experience. And what a better way to achieve that than with a hybrid bike? In a nutshell, hybrids are 2-in-1 general purpose bikes, ones with a blend of characteristics suitable for various terrains.

You may probably be wondering “what’s the best hybrid bike under 1,000 dollars for me?” Well, that’s exactly the same question I had when shopping for my first hybrid a couple of years back. To be honest, picking the right hybrid bike can be a challenge for a cyclist who’s just getting started.

Care for some help? Well, you just got it! This article looks at the best hybrid bikes currently on the market. I’ll review the features of each bike to help you come to a conclusion regarding the best hybrid bike for you. Let’s get started!

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** At the time of publishing this post, each products price were under $1000 in Amazon

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 1000 - Reviews

Paying top dollar for a hybrid bike doesn’t always guarantee a good ride. What you need is an inexpensive yet quality bike that will save you money without compromising features or sacrificing quality. There are actually some hybrid bikes selling for less than $1,000 that outperform similar bikes selling for $2,000. After hours of research and perusing through expert opinions and reviews, I give you the top picks in hybrid bikes under $1,000.

1. Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Hybrid Bike

6061 SLA aluminum is a standard for a hybrid frame structure. Combine that with a carbon fiber fork, and the overall performance improves significantly. That’s what you get in Tommaso La Forma. It keeps vibrations to a minimum and eliminates the dragging weight. And if need be, you can fit fenders and racks.

Full 27-Speed Shimano Drivetrain:

The 27-speed Shimano offers a wide range of gearing options. You get a perfect combination of 11/32T cassette and 48/36/26T crankset build for speed and performance. I think it’s one of the best set of features for quick track riding and smooth commuting.

Smooth, Responsive Shifting:

This bike uses Shimano Acera Rapid Fire shifters, which I should say, is a very thoughtful addition. Talk about smooth, precise, and quick shifting, this hybrid bike doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it even comes with a heads up display that shows the exact gear you’re in. The entire system is built with simplicity and reliability in mind for maximum efficiency.

Strong-Grip 32mm Kenda Tires:

This bike has tough yet nimble Kenda tires that provide improved control and balance in all conditions. The tires offer a strong grip and flat resistance suitable for day riding and commuting. Combined with alloy rims, you get strength and dependability that city riders and commuters demand.

Assembly Information:

La Forma hybrid bike doesn’t come fully assembled. You’ll need to fine-tune the wheels and derailleurs. The bolts also need tightening.

Important Features:

  • check
    Rack ready compact aluminum frame
  • check
    HCT carbon fiber fork
  • check
    27-Speed Full Shimano Acera Drivetrain
  • check
    Alloy rims/32mm tires
  • check
    6 sizes: Fits riders from 4’10’’-6’3’’

2. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 26-Inch Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

3. Vilano Diverse 4.0 Urban Performance Hybrid Road Bike

4. Diamondback Bicycles Calico Sport Women's Dual Sport Bike

Lightweight Butted Aluminum Frame:

The frame of this bike is built with female riders in mind. It offers the durability you want with a female fit you deserve. The butted design keeps weight to a minimum and makes the bike more rigid. The top tube slopes to the back making it easier to get on and off the bike or place your foot flat on the ground.

Comfortable Front Suspension Fork:

Calico boasts a front suspension for the rough terrain. It irons out the bumpy rides for maximum comfort. 75mm fork travel makes it a smooth-going hybrid, ideal for all-around riding.

Powerful Disc Brakes:

The disc brakes save you from the headache of lever brakes. You get superior stopping power that you can rely on in varied conditions. Bike control is much finer and the braking power isn’t compromised even after you bend your rim.

Lightweight, Fast-rolling Kenda Tires:

Kenda tires are among the best performers. In fact, these tires are overbuilt to handle all riding conditions. This bike has nimble 700c Kenda tires that offer less rolling resistance and improved grip. It’s definitely what you want for all-round riding.

Assembly Information:

Calico Sport hybrid bike comes 85% assembled. You’ll need to install handlebars, seat post, front wheel, and pedals. Apart from assembly, brake and gear adjustments are also recommended.

Important Features:

  • check
    6061 lightweight butted aluminum frame
  • check
    75mm Front suspension fork
  • check
    700c Kenda tires
  • check
    Powerful disc brakes
  • check
    Double-walled rims
  • check
    4 sizes: Fits riders from 5’1” to 6’1”

5. Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

6. Giordano G7 Men's Hybrid Bike

7. Diamondback Bicycles Trace Sport Dual Sport Bike

Things to consider Before Buying A Hybrid Bikes Under 1000

​Shopping for the best hybrid bike under $1,000 isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot to consider, both in the features and personal needs. Plus, there are hundreds of hybrid bikes out there. As you can see, getting confused during the selection process isn’t a new thing. Well, there are two primary decision points you need to consider when shopping for a hybrid. The first is the bike features and components and the second is the bike fit.

To get the right hybrid bike, you first need to ask yourself is what type of riding you’ll be doing. Are you going to use the bike for riding paved paths, smooth streets, city commuting, or cruising surfaces that have a mix of gravel and pavement? This will help you know the specific features that will be suitable for where you plan to ride.

Wheel Size:

Wheel size is quite important. However, more focus should be put on the bike that will match your riding style. 700c is the standard wheel size for many hybrid bikes. Some hybrids have 26-inch wheels, which are actually smaller compared to 700c wheels.


Hybrids come in a wide range of gears ranging form single-speed to 27 or more speeds. Trying to look deeper at gear working and components can be quite complex. The trick is to just consider the type of terrain you plan to ride and your fitness level. Riding roads with challenging hills requires more gears. Flat terrains generally require fewer gears. Single-speeds, on the other hand, are a great choice for coasting.

Bike Suspension:

Most hybrid bikes don’t have suspensions. Such bikes are ideal for riding paved paths and smooth streets. Well, things get different when riding rough streets. Here, you’ll need a hybrid with a front suspension to absorb impact and smooth out the ride.

Brake Type:

Hybrids are fitted with two main types of brakes. You get those with traditional rim brakes and those with advanced disc brakes.

1. Rim Brakes: Rim brakes have the advantage of being economical and easy to replace. However, they wear out the rim, require more effort, have less stopping power, and are less effective in wet and muddy conditions.

2. Disc brakes: There are two types of disc brakes: self-adjustable hydraulic disc brakes and the manually adjusted mechanical disc brakes. Disc brakes offer superior performance in all conditions, are more consistent, and require less finger strain. However, they’re difficult to inspect, replace pads, and are more expensive.

Bike Frame Material:

Aluminum is, by a significant margin, the most popular hybrid frame material. But, carbon fiber and steel are also popular. You need to weight your priorities here since each frame material comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum has the benefit of being light, stiff, strong, and less expensive. However, it tends to feel a bit harsh on those rough trails. Thanks to new technology and construction, you can now get aluminum frames that help a lot in improving shock absorption.

Steel has more strength and flex compared to aluminum. However, it has the disadvantage of being heavier.

Carbon fiber is the most expensive option and is mostly found in high-end bikes. Carbon offers the highest strength to weight ratio. Remember,some hybrids have carbon fiber only for the seat post and/or forks. It serves to keep price to a minimum but still offer some of the benefits of the strong, light material.

Handlebar Shape:

Handlebars that are higher than the seat offer a comfortable ride. On the other hand, handlebars that are lower than the seat offer a more aerodynamic riding position. Handlebars generally come in 4 different shapes: Drop Bar, Flat Bar, Riser Bar, and Mustache Bar.

A drop bar is more aerodynamic and built for speed. However, it puts much strain on your back. A flat bar puts you in a relaxed upright position and provides better visibility of the road ahead. Riser bars put you in a more upright position, provide better control, and offer an excellent vision. Mustache bars provide different hand positions and let you sit upright.

Racks and Fenders:

Cargo racks are suitable for urban riding. Some cargo racks require you to purchase a separate pannier bag to hold your possession. Fenders save you from grime and dirt. They’re a good addition for those wet days.

Frame Size:

Frame size largely determines the type of fit you get. Good news, there are size charts to help you get the right fit. You can also do a test ride to know what the best bike is for you. Some stores even offer bike test trails.

Final Word:

I hope this article has helped a lot in your hunt for the best hybrid bikes under $1000. That’s not to mention providing the “must-knows” for choosing the right hybrid bike. Remember, each of the above hybrids represents the best for a particular situation. Therefore, you can’t fail to get one that matches your specific need and style. Time isn’t something we have in plenty, so the sooner you get yours, the better.

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