Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 In 2024

Need a versatile bike that can take you anywhere you want; then a gravel bike is the best choice. This is an efficient and fast bike that provides stable rides on off-road and compact surfaces.

With a gravel bike, you can cover gravel roads, byways, trails, bridle paths, and forest tracks, among others. Choosing a gravel bike can be tough because they vary among different brands, designs, and price.

Additionally, some gravel bikes resemble mountain bikes while others look like road bikes. So, you need good guidance to help you pick the best gravel bikes under 1500.

I have researched efficient gravel bikes that are stable and suitable for long-distance riding. These bikes are versatile and help you go anywhere while enjoying beautiful outdoor sceneries.

6 Best Budget Gravel Bikes Under 1500 Dollars Comparison

** At the time of publishing this post, each products price were under $1500 in Amazon

Recommended Best Gravel Bikes Under 1500 USD - Reviews

With a budget of 1500 dollars, you can get yourself a high-quality gravel bike for off-road riding. However, it is great to determine your riding type to get a suitable gravel bike. Let us have a look at some recommended gravel bikes with amazing features and comfortable rides.

1. Royce Union Men's' Gravel Bike 27.5" or 700c Wheels

Royce Union Men's' Gravel Bike 27.5" or 700c Wheels Review

Royce union is an affordable gravel bike for men that performs well in different terrains.

The bike is loaded with many comfort features to maximize your riding comfort in all conditions. with its lightweight aluminum frame and 18 speed, you can be sure to handle uphill with little effort.

Comfortable Saddle:

Long rides can be tiring if your saddle is not comfortable. You will end up straining your back and buttocks, and your distance will also be limited. This gravel bike is equipped with one of the most comfortable saddle to suit long rides to solve this problem.

Efficient Braking:

Like any other bike, reliable braking plays a significant role in your safety on the road. You can enjoy powerful stopping power with the dual Shimano disc brakes included in the bike. The brakes operate well regardless of the condition, so you will always stop instantly. 


The bike is packed with Shimano Sora 9-speed Index and Shimano 2x9 shifters to give you up to 18 speeds. However, you can also choose another option with 16 speeds. Shifting is faster and precise, so you will always get better control when riding.

Frame And Wheels:

This gravel bike is made of a 21-inch aluminum frame that is lightweight and strong. The frame and the overall components of the bike are high quality for optimal riding performance. You will enjoy easy maneuverability and rolling on different terrains with the 700c wheels. They provide better traction regardless of your riding terrains.

What Are The Drawbacks?

While there are many positive things to love about this bike, it doesn’t come without some drawbacks. For instance, some riders experience trouble with the riding speed of the bike. Other riders complain about poor assembly, which requires one to do plenty of adjustments.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

If you intend to cover longer rides on any terrain, this men’s gravel bike should be your top consideration. Unlike other bikes, it features a comfy seat and the tires are larger to absorb bumps hence giving you comfort and control. Additionally, the bike is great for touring and racing since the tires offer minimal rolling resistance.


  • It features a comfortable and adjustable seat
  • The frame is lightweight and rigid
  • Amazing gravel bike for the price
  • It is well-balanced and makes your rides memorable 
  • It is easy to maneuver the bike on loose terrains


  • The bike doesn’t come with a kickstand
  • When pedaling, the tires rub your feet
  • The seat hardware is not quality since it breaks easily

2. Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike Review

Having the right bike gives you the confidence to reach your destination. While there are many bike brands you will find, Tommaso is a quality one that prides in giving riders top-notch bikes to meet rider’s needs. This top aluminum road bike is great for commuting, training, triathlons, and long rides. Let’s focus on other key aspects of the bike.

Speed And Shifting:

This is a 20-speed road bike that utilizes Shimano Tiagra Groupset. Additionally, the bike has Tiagra cassette (11x32T) and Tiagra compact crankset (50/34T) to give you different speeds. Therefore, you can handle anything along your way.

The Shimano Tiagra STI shifters provide flawless and accurate shifting to give you better control of the bike when it comes to shifting. It also features a Tiagra groupset that makes shifting fast and light.


A good bike provides not only a better feel but also comfort. This road bike is optimized to give you unmatched comfort and fit. Its frame geometry is compact, and the handlebars are designed to provide a comfortable grip. The saddle also features smart cushioning, and the outer parts have ample foam to give you comfortable rides. In short, all the parts of this bike ensure you get comfort and riding efficiency in your rides.


The bike features a durable and lightweight aluminum frame to make maneuvering the bike easy. The frame features a HCT carbon fork to provide vibration dampening capabilities for smooth rides. Additionally, you will find the frame drilled where you can attach fenders and racks. This makes the bike versatile for commuting and long rides.


You will find caliper brakes on the Monza road bike. The brakes work well on the road, and you will get the needed stopping power. These brakes provide strong and smooth performance regardless of the weather conditions. Moreover, if you would love to change the caliper brakes to disc brakes, you can swap them with ease.

What Are The Drawbacks?

While no bike is 100% perfect, this one also comes with some drawbacks. As much as you can’t ask more for this price range, you might not like the brakes, pedals, and the bike's tires. However, you can upgrade these parts to quality ones, but you will need to pay for that.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

If you need a good value bike under 1500, Monza will be a perfect pick. The bike is lightweight, stiff, and durable. Additionally, it is equipped with a Shimano Tiagra groupset to provide exceptional performance. The bike's frame also features a perfect fit, and all the parts are optimized to suit your size.


  • It features a well-cushioned saddle for comfort
  • The handlebars provide a strong and comfortable grip
  • Its wheel offer stability and dampen vibrations on the road  
  • The bike has an attractive look when riding outside
  • You will enjoy a wide range of speeds to conquer anything on your way


  • It doesn’t have disc brakes
  • The pedals on the bike are too basic

3. Tommaso Siena Shimano Tourney Gravel Adventure Bike

Tommaso Siena Shimano Tourney Gravel Adventure Bike Review

This is another gravel bike specially made for you. The bike provides excellent performance on the road because it has all Shimano groupset. In other bike brands, they mix various components, which affects the overall performance of the bike. You will enjoy a great fit, and you have the freedom to customize the bike to your liking. Here are more valuable things about the bike.

Frame Construction:

The bike has a lightweight aluminum frame, which is also robust. This compact frame is equipped with a fork to offer strength, reliability, and lightweight rides. Additionally, the frame has mounting for a rack to suit your commuting and touring needs.

Excellent Drivetrain:

This is an excellent part of the bike that determines the performance you will get. The Shimano Tourney drivetrain offers 21-speed you can choose from. Additionally, you will get enhanced performance from the Tourney triple crankset (30/39/50T) and the Tourney Cassette (12x28T) that give you multiple gearing options. Therefore, you will enjoy versatile rides regardless of where you want to go.

Quality Tires And Wheels:

The bike features wider 700 x 40c tires that give you the stability and versatility you require when riding on tougher terrains. Additionally, the bike has Tommaso rims (TC-20D) to give you superb durability. The 28-spoke rime can offer excellent performance on all terrains. Furthermore, you will enjoy the tough wheels that work well on gravel, rough terrains, and dirt.

Disc Brakes:

This bike has Avid BB5 disc brakes to give you more stopping power in all weather conditions. This makes the gravel bike suitable for all terrains and all weather conditions.

What Are The Drawbacks?

There are a few minor things that need improvements. For instance, the fork seems narrow for the wheel. Also, the frame and the fork don’t seem to be well aligned. The bike is beautiful, but its quality is below average.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

I love this bike because it has all Shimano Tourney drivetrain. You will enjoy 21-speeds for efficient gearing regardless of where you want to ride. You need this bike if you want to enjoy comfortable rides. The gravel bike is optimized to ensure all the parts give you comfort. Additionally, it features a lightweight and durable construction to suit your commuting and touring requirements. If you also want unmatched performance on all terrains and weather conditions, this is the right gravel bike for you.


  • The bike rides well regardless of the terrains
  • All the parts are designed to enhance your riding comfort 
  • You will enjoy more speeds and powerful performance
  • It features a steel fork to provide durability
  • The disc brakes offer more and reliable stopping power


  • The spokes would have been of better quality
  • If you exceed the weight limit, the warranty becomes void

4. Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike Review

Need a road bike that provides great performance and better handling? You can consider the Haanjo road bike that works well on all terrains. The bike offers smooth performance on rough roads, and you can also ride on dirt and pavements. There are plenty of things you will appreciate in this bike, like the following.

Mechanical Disc Brakes:

Enjoying fast rides is great, especially if you love racing. However, you need to ensure that your bike features brake you can rely on when you want to slow down or stop. The Haanjo bike has incredible mechanical disc brakes that give you sure stops.

Aluminum Alloy Frame:

The frame of the bike is the main component of any bike. This bike brags of al alloy frame to offer robust performance and durability. It features an endurance frame geometry to enhance your all-day riding comfort. The frame also features a full-monocoque carbon fork for smoother rides.

Speed And Wheels:

This is a 11-speed road bike with Shimano BR-RX400 to ensure you get the right gears for various terrains. Unlike other bikes, this one has fatter tires to make your rides comfy. It also features a quality wheelset that offers reliable performance and durability across all terrains.

What Are The Drawbacks?

With all the great things on this bike, you will also find some minor drawbacks. Some riders experience a hard time getting used to the bar-end shifters. Again, this bike doesn’t come with a specific assembly instruction because it is for four different bike styles.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

This bike is great because its aluminum frame features thru-axles on the rear and front to give you precise handling. It also has a carbon fork, which makes your rides smooth on rough roads. You will also love the drivetrain and the mechanical disc brakes that all give superior performance, durability, and weight loss.


  • Designed with a durable aluminum alloy frame
  • The brakes give you excellent stopping power
  • You will enjoy a great performance on all terrains
  • Its wheels provide smooth rolling on rough roads
  • Well-designed to give you comfortable rides all the time


  • The seat feels uncomfortable 

5. Mongoose Men's Elroy Adventure Bike 700C Wheel Bicycle

Mongoose Men's Elroy Adventure Bike 700C Wheel Bicycle Review

Enjoy quality rides with the Mongoose adventure bike. This bike suits camping, backpacking and touring, and much more. You will enjoy beautiful scenic views with this bike that has so many great features. You can carry all the essential items you need for your bikepacking trip. More lovely aspects of the bike are as follows.

Water Bottle Mounts And Frame Bag:

Meeting your hydration needs on the road is necessary to give you more riding energy. This bike offers five cage mounts for your water bottles so you can be sure you have enough water for your journey. Three mounts are on the frame, while two are on the fork. It also features an integrated frame bag with embroidered patch to hold your riding necessities.

Aluminum Frame Material:

This is a versatile adventure bike with a nice geometry to meet your riding needs. It has a sleek alloy frame that gives durable use. Additionally, the frame has a steel fork to give you ultimate rides.

Drivetrain And Brakes:

This is a 14-speed adventure bike with Shimano Tourney derailleurs. It also has an integrated micro shift shifter that works flawlessly. You will find mechanical disc brakes that keep your rides smooth by giving you powerful stopping.

Front Rack:

There is enough space to carry your essentials on this bike. The front rack is larger since it can hold two panniers. Additionally, the rear rack mount adds more carrying space.

What Are The Drawbacks?

With all the good features of this bike, some things are not great. Most riders notice the frame is great, but the other components are not up to the mark. There are also some manufacturing defects like bend fork, and the disc brakes are bad.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

If you love camping, touring or backing, and other activities, this adventure bike will make a great companion. The bike has ample room to carry your biking essentials. You will also get enough mounts for your water bottles to keep you hydrated throughout your entire journey.


  • The frame and the form give you the best quality rides
  • You will get ample stopping power with the disc brakes
  • This adventure bike is versatile
  • It gives room for fender mounts
  • Great adventure bike for the price 
  • Ample space to carry your items and water bottles


  • The frame is great, but the peripherals are not
  • Poor quality control

6. Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike

Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike Review

Are you an adventure rider looking for a smart and high-quality bike that will take you miles? If so, the Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike is a great bike to make your adventures come true. This is a lightweight bike that offers easy maneuvering on the road without compromising your comfort and safety. It gives smooth rides than other bikes, and it has great features like the following.

Chromoly Steel Frame And Fork:

This is an impressive aspect of this bike that makes it durable and stable. The frame is lightweight and has a fork to keep your rides smooth.

Wide Tires And Mechanical Disc Brakes:

This adventure bike is equipped with wide tires (30mm) that contribute to smooth rides on all terrains. When you need to stop to overcome obstacles, the mechanical disc brakes help you stop or slow down as you want. The brakes work well on all riding and weather conditions.

What Are The Drawbacks?

Some users complain about receiving the bike with the wrong brake type, which can make riding unsafe. Delivery also takes longer than expects, and you will not receive any tools for the assembly. This good-looking bike also has a defective assembly design, making it hard to center the front wheel. Additionally, it comes with non-standard screws for rear and front brake.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

You need this bike if you want to enjoy many miles on gravel road. The bike is made to provide ultimate comfort on all terrains. This bike also comes at an affordable price, and its durability is superb. This bike is also versatile and has Shimano Claris 16-speed and disc brakes to give you the best riding experience.


  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • It has wide tires that offer smooth rides
  • Great bike that can handle a wide range of terrains
  • Versatile bike great for commuters
  • Amazing entry-level gravel bike for the money 
  • The bike is great, and it has a sturdy design 


  • The assembly screw for the front wheel is of low quality
  • Comes with a wrong instruction for assembly

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Gravel Bikes Under 1500

There are quite several reasons why gravel bikes are gaining popularity among many riders. These bikes offer comfortable rides, have padded seats, wide tires, and they fit any racer. Moreover, they have a sporty nature and good for Cyclocross and hiking roads.

If you plan to buy a gravel bike under 1500, you need to do a deep analysis since there are many bikes. After checking the above gravel bike reviews, I have also prepared some crucial buying tips you should look at when picking a gravel bike.

Where Do You Prefer To Ride The Bike?

Well, a gravel bike can handle a wide range of surfaces. Understanding your ridding surface is essential because it dictates the clearance you require. Additionally, you will find it easy to know the stability you want. The terrain and the riding surface also affects the gear selection. For instance, a bike with an A1x drivetrain is suitable for flat landscapes. But if you need to ride steeper, then you might need a bike with more gears.


It is also great to have a look at the geometry of the bike before you buy it. A gravel bike resembles a road bike; however, the bike is made to offer stable rides off-road. Therefore, it features forks and a frame with slacker angles and a longer wheelbase.

With a gravel bike, you will enjoy an upright riding position than a road bike. This makes the bikes comfortable, especially if you are into longer rides. Additionally, a gravel bike allows easy weight shifting to help you handle obstacles along your way.


Gravel bikes feature disc brakes (hydraulic and mechanical) that offer superior stopping power than rim brakes. Disc brakes are efficient and provide consistent stopping power in all conditions. You can either choose hydraulic disc brakes that utilize brake fluid to trigger the caliper. On the other hand, mechanical brakes operate using a cable, which also works well.

Frame And Fork Design:

The construction and the geometry of a bike determine how you feel on the bike. You need to consider a gravel bike with a quality frame material for the best feel and durable rides. You can choose several frame materials, each with their good and bad. These frame materials include:

Carbon fiber- This type of frame construction is lightweight but stiff. It works well in dampening vibrations when riding; hence you get smooth rides. Gravel bikes with this frame are pricey, and they are great for racing.

Titanium- The frame material also features some dampening characteristics, and it is lightweight. The material is also strong and expensive.

Aluminum- It is light and stiff but heavier than carbon. Bikes with aluminum frames are lightweight and come at reasonable prices.

Steel- The material is comfortable, so it is common in bikepacking and touring bikes. Unlike other materials, it is a heavier and great choice if you want quality rides.

Higher Handlebars:

If you want to enjoy a relaxed riding posture, then get a gravel bike with higher handlebars. Gravel bikes are suitable for long-distance rides on gravel, so you need handlebars that offer some agility. The handlebars should not be drop-down because you will find it hard to handle hilly trail turn or loose gravel. It is advisable to set your gravel bike 1-inch higher than on a road bike for the best riding experience.

Tires And Wheels:

The tires on a gravel bike should be wider than on a normal road bike, between 30 and 40mm. The wide tires make it easy to ride the bike with low tire pressure, which boosts your comfort. Gravel bikes with small wheels roll faster, but they are incapable of holding momentum than larger wheels. 700c wheels are great for gravel bikes because they are more responsive, and their rolling resistance is low.

Gearing System:

Gearing is critical in the setup of a gravel bike. If you want to ride off-road, a gravel bike with lower gears will work well on steep climbs. It is hard to get out of your bike saddle when climbing since there is minimal grip on loose surfaces. Therefore, get a gravel bike with at least a 50/34t compact road chainset that features a wide range cassette. You can also get super compact chainsets perfect for technical terrains, off-road and steep surfaces.


The best gravel bikes should have comfortable and durable saddles. This will make your off-road adventures the best regardless of the terrain. Selecting the right saddle for your gravel bike depends on your riding type. Look for a seat that gives you a good fit and with enough padding to enhance your comfort.

Mounting Options:

This is another great feature of a gravel bike where you can mount your accessories. You will find mudguard mounts and rack in some gravel bikes, which makes them suitable for all-weather commuters. You will find other mounting options include a bolt on the down tube where you can carry a third water bottle for longer rides. Moreover, other gravel bikes have additional mounts for fork blades, dynamo light, and feed bag.


The level of stability varies in different gravel bikes. So, you need to know your terrain to get a stable bike that suits your riding. If your bike is slacker and longer, then it will give stable rides. Additionally, you will find such a bike simpler to descend and keep it in line, especially on sketchy terrains. On the other hand, if your bike is stiffer and tighter, then it will be nimble.

Final Verdict:

Overall, these are our top best gravel bikes under 1500. With the reviews and detailed buyer’s guide, it will be easy for you to compare and more the differences between these bikes. This will help you choose an outstanding gravel bike to meet your riding needs. The bikes feature great features that will enhance your riding comfort. Moreover, they are designed to handle any type of terrain perfectly without compromising their durability.

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