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5 Best Recumbent Road Bike For 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The first use of recumbent road bikes is dated back at 1892. As compared to traditional bikes, recumbent road bikes allow you to ride in a laid back reclining position. These are the most comfortable bikes with a backrest and bucket seat and the foot pedals are located at the front. Your weight is effectively distributed […]

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  • Updated January 21, 2021

Best Fixie Bikes In 2021 – Read Our Review Before You Buy!

When it comes to bikes, there are many types that are designed for specific riding styles. Fixie bikes also known as fixed gear bicycles have become popular among many riders because they not only reduce the trouble of switching through gears but they are also stylish. The best fixie bikes are lightweight, provide a nice […]

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  • Updated January 8, 2021

Best Gravel Bikes In 2021 – High Quality Models Tested & Reviewed!

Miles of an unpaved road can take its toll on a typical road bike. Nowadays you see savvy gravel-curious riders shifting their focus to gravel bikes. In layman’s terms, a gravel bike is more like a tougher cousin of a road bike. It’s more forgiving, confidence-inspiring, and above all, comfortable.But let’s cut the long definition […]

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  • Updated January 11, 2021