Best Road Bikes For Women In 2018: Top Models Reviewed!

Undeniably road biking has been made popular by the Dutch who hardly ever use vehicles to get around. This sport is increasing in popularity with more people taking interest and opting for this fun way of moving around. Biking comes with a lot of health benefits as a sport. It not only helps with physical fitness such as muscle growth but it is great for mental health too. Below are a few top rated road bikes for women that will definitely come in handy in helping you purchase the perfect road bike for you.


Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Sport Women's Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Sport Women's Road Bike

Best Road Bikes for Women : Comparison

Best Road Bikes for Women Reviews

1. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Sport Women's Road Bike

The exciting thing is the Diamondback 2016 will save you the headache as it has a lot of advantages due to years of research and development invested in it. This bike model is one of the best bikes for women as it gives you freedom whilst working out and having fun. The materials and design geometry used in the manufacturing process of this bike is similar to that used in making bikes with a high price point.

The frame of the Airen Sport is made from aluminum alloy, a material that is not only light but it also responds very quickly. Another exciting feature on this bike is the incorporation of Enhanced Performance Geometry. This is an amazing as it helps boost you into an upright position that is more comfortable and relaxing.

This feature also helps you hold off any weariness a lot longer in comparison to other bikes. The Airen Sport is hands down one of the top rated road bikes for women. Its enhanced performance geometry was created with women in mind. The touch points and proportions were conceptulize to suit the female user.

Without compromising on its performance, the geometry was effectively brought together so that it could fit a broader spectrum of body weights, sizes, and proportions. This bike also has 16 gears and these are ideal when you are navigating around different terrains. Even the harshest ones you're probably considering to explore.

The 16-Speed Shimano Sora is a feature that ensures that you have the same high and low speeds as bikes that have 20 or 21 speeds. The 34/32 low gear combination is another plus that helps with spinning problems whilst cycling uphill. The caliper brakes on the Airen are ideal for women as they get a good grip without requiring supernatural arm strength.

Even in rainy and wet conditions, these discs come in handy. The top tube is short and a flaccid head tube gives the rider more control of the bike. The color cues on this bike allow women to be as girly as they might want to be, although there are also neutral tones available for your selection.

When you purchase this Diamondback, it will arrive at your doorstep partially assembled. The setting up process is not complicated by any means, any newbie is able to get the hang of it. Do expect a bit of messy grease during this process. If you have assembled and bike before then you should be able to get this model together in 30 minutes. If you are new to this then more time might be required, at least over an hour. We also recommend that you take your bike to your local bike shop for assembling if you're not too confident in your skills.

2. Raleigh Bikes Women's Super Course Endurance Road Bike

This bikes' geometry is woman specific and has 16 gears to suit your cycling style. Together with the Shimano Claris Shifter, this bike gives you an awesome experience whilst cycling on hilly trails. Shifters are awesome as you won't have to exert as much force to the bike on challenging courses.

Applying a lot of pressure when cycling is an unhealthy practice as it affects your chest and in turn limiting your breath. The end result might be you fainting or falling off your bike unconscious. To avoid that the shifters were installed to avoid any catastrophic incidents.

The wheels on this ride are awesome and are durable. They have rims that are double walled, the large Weiman Gmax. The width of these tires was carefully constructed to enhance your safety and comfort. Despite your fit or size, this Raleigh comes in parts that are not difficult to adjust to your custom size.

Still, need more convincing that this is one of the top rated bikes for women? Then we have more exciting information. Handlebar selection is also another exciting feature this model comes with. You can opt from a choice of two variations that is the flat bars and the riser bars.

Flat bars fit reasonably lower on the bike, they are light and are ideal for long distance riding. The riser bars are the wider version and women have no difficulty reaching for them. They are perfect for upright and downhill cycling. The Raleigh comes with both options and you are free to select the one that best suits your course.

The classic steel frame and fork that feature on this bike are a great suspension system that helps with shock absorption for when you are out riding on tough terrains. This bike is undoubtedly female specific and is recommended as road bikes for women.

This model arrives at your doorstep with partial assembling. So you do not have to start from the ground up but do however anticipate to get your hands dirty with a bit of grease. Assembling times vary with your level of experience, so anticipate anything between 30 minutes to an hour. If you are uncertain of your DIY skills then we highly recommend that you take your bike to your local bike shop for assembling.

3. Schwinn Women's Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle

There are few unisex bikes being sold but this stands as one of the best bikes for women. It was strategically designed to best suit the female cycler. The best part is, it is a great quality road bike overall. One of the reasons why this bike has gained popularity is largely because of its size and configurations that are best suited and tailored to fit women.

All this means is that it is a very comfortable bike for most women and is effective for working out purposes. If you are only starting out in the world of cycling or you are in the intermediate phase, then this bike is ideal for you. The frame is built out of an aluminum alloy that has carbon fiber fork, giving the user that quick fast and exciting riding experience.

Aluminum alloy also gives the bike a lightweight feel most women definitely appreciate. Women with shorter arms and legs would also be very comfortable on this bike as it was designed to cater to them also. The frame and handlebars can be adjusted to suit women with smaller bodies.

The Shimano derailleur that is on the rear is another feature of note. It is carefully integrated to the brake lever for easy gear changing. This bike is also armed with shifters are easy to find and operate. The brakes have nothing ordinary at play as the bike functions on the normal dual pivot style. Brake control is not complicated at all as it is done from the drop down handlebars.

The wheels and rims are very stable and the spokes have an aerodynamic feel to them. With extra spokes on the rear wheel, you are guaranteed extra support. The width in between the tires of this bike is awesome, it stabilizes you and enhances the speed. The traction on the especially wheels is adequate for shock and vibration absorption when you are cycling at high speed.

This bike also has one of the best saddles and seat posts in comparison to other bikes that have similar features. Extra padding is on the saddle and seat coverage is bigger than the norm. Seatpost is easy to adjust even whilst you are cycling. A water mount is a recreational feature that the bikes come with. It is a great touch for the female cycler who likes versatility and practicality all in one go.

For race cycling and a casual committing then this bike is ideal for both. Competitive cyclists have often been seen opting for this road bike. If you are a beginner, that should not intimidate you as this model can work perfectly for you too. It is a great option for the woman looking to find the road bikes for women.

One of the best parts of making this purchase is that there is minor assembling required on your part. So you can rest your assembling powers as this beauty arrives at you with most of the assembling in place.

4. Gama Bikes Women's Metropole Step-Thru Road Bicycle

This is because of the 700c wheels and multiple gears this bike has equipped to handle the off-road terrains. The frame is made out of aluminum alloy and that gives it the light feel that you need to quickly climb up steeper terrains. The 700c wheels also give you better momentum and also help you cycle on uneven roads. It also has the best 8-Speed Shimano drivetrain and this makes it a versatile bike to have.

Trust it to be fast, smooth and stable even on the toughest of terrains. The stainless steel rivets are a great touch to protect your bike from rust. The seats have been carefully contoured to help you ride in race positions but they also have light padding to ensure you are comfortable whilst riding in the city. 

The lightweight frame is also great for the female user as it is easier for you to carry it around or up the stairs. This bike comes with all the ideal accessories for the biker. It comes well equipped with fenders, a basket, rear rack and lastly a bell. 

This bike is delivered at least 80% assembled. The parts that are not already in place are quite easy to mount on especially if you have assembled a bike before. If you are not too sure how to attach the rest of the parts, then it would be ideal for you to take it to your local shop.

5. Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Womens Road and Mountain

To give you the comfort and stability that you need whilst cycling, this bike feature a padded saddle as well as smooth handlebars to help you enjoy the ride. A 21 Speed Shimano derailleur is also another amazing feature on this bike.

It is used for gear changing to help make the ride fun, fast and exciting. For more security while bike riding, the bike is also armed with front and rear v-brakes. These give you more control when stopping your bike.

For a thrilling and fun ride, this bike also has a steel hardtail frame as well as the front shock fork. Hands down the Dynacraft is one of the best bikes for women available for you to consider.

You receive this bike partially put together. The bits that are left are not complex to attach to the bike. If you are not too sure how you can assemble the rest of the parts, then ideally you should take it to your local bike shop and have a professional sort it out for you.

6. Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

It is a model that is highly recommended as one of the best women's road bikes. For casual riding or long day rides, this is the perfect road bike for you as it gives you a smooth ride and it is also easy to steer from side to side. The Giordano Libero Accacio is known for its strength and durability. Its appearance is a fusion of the classic look with a modern feel to it.

Considering that the name is derived from the word steel only in Italian, it is a no brainer that this bike has a strong steel framework. In comparison to other bikes, it is slightly heavy but it is still classified as a lightweight bike. It is undeniably faster when it goes head to head with other bikes with the same construction features.

This bike also has great comfort, it is designed in a way that gives you great posture whilst cycling and you do not have slump over to reach the handles as they are easily accessible. Some features on this bike are a match for some of the high-quality bikes, specifically the rims and gears. To help you with easy gear transitioning, the 14-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain is a feature installed to help with performance. The Giordano has a great design and it also features brake level shifters.

This bike is fairly easy to put together as it is delivered to you with 80% of the parts in place. You will have to install the pedals, the front wheel, as well as the seat post and you, are good to go. Putting these components in place is fairly easy but should you find it a bit difficult then call in a friend or a professional for assistance.

Final Word:

The recommendations above are most likely going to meet your requirements as they all are best rated road bikes for women. They have been detailed specifically to help with your search. Settle on one and go ahead and enjoy your new bike.

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