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Best Road Bikes For Women In 2021 : Top Models Reviewed!

Best Road Bikes For Women In 2021 : Top Models Reviewed!

Road cycling is a great activity for people who love distance and speed. It provides you with a full body workout by improving your cardiovascular health, strong legs and much more. If you are a female rider looking for a woman-friendly road bike, I will help you pick the best road bikes for women.

The rate at which women's cycling is growing is impressive. This means that there are more brands producing women road bikes. They come up with different approaches when making road bikes and this makes it hard to select the right bike.

I made this reviews and guide to make your work easier when choosing a road bike. I selected these top bikes based on their speed, performance, comfort features and much more. They are reliable and provide great maneuverability on different terrains.


Best Road Bikes for Women : Comparison

Best Road Bikes For Women Reviews

1. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Sport Women's Road Bike

The bike has an enhanced performance geometry that gives you an upright riding position for relaxed and comfortable rides. This 16-speed bike comes with Shimano components so you don't have worry about quality.

With its Shimano drivetrain and 16 gears, you will find it easy to ride up and downhill without any issues. Everything about this road bike's component is women-specific. The handlebars, cranks, stem and saddle are designed to provide female riders with efficiency and comfort on the road.

Want a road bike with the most reliable brakes, then you should think of this one. It comes with Tektro dual pivot caliper brakes to give you more stopping power when you want to slow down, navigate crowded places or get over obstacles along your way.

Important Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Tektro dual pivot caliper brakes
  • Shimano components
  • DB Equation SE wheels with Kenda
  • Comfortable saddle

2. Raleigh Bikes Women's Super Course Endurance Road Bike

The first thing you will note about this road bike is the frame. The road bike features a Chromoly steel frame that is strong and durable. This frame is perfectly crafted to provide you with style and comfort when riding.

When choosing a road bike for women, the type of saddle included greatly matters. Women need a bike with a comfortable and wide saddle. This model has a comfortable saddle that holds you well and prevents fatigue, strain or numbness when riding. You will enjoy using the Shimano Claris shifters that provide 16 speeds. 

The bike also provides you with wide gear ratio making it easy for you to handle even the largest climbs. The bike is also equipped with comfortable handlebars as well as durable tires and wheels. The tires offer a good contact to the ground and this makes the bike ride faster. The Caliper-side pull brakes also provide an incredible braking power.

Important Features:

  • Chromoly steel frame
  • Brooks Cambium C17 Women's Saddle
  • Shimano Claris shifters
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Caliper-side pull brakes

3. Schwinn Women's Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle

Schwinn Women's Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle Review

Looking for a quality road bike for commuting to work? Schwinn Women's Phocus road bike is packed with great features to give you the most comfortable rides.

Not only is this road bike fun to ride but it will also help you maintain a good shape if you love riding for fitness.

You will love the lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork that contribute to comfortable rides. This is one of the most comfortable and lightweight fitness road bike that you will enjoy riding. It is designed with Shimano drivetrain featuring integrated microshift shifters and well-designed brake levers.

This provides you with reliable stopping power as well as a wide gear range to choose from to handle any terrain. The location of the shifters is convenient making it easy to achieve accurate and fast shifting. The bike also features a comfortable saddle with a quick release system for easy height adjustments.

You can adjust the saddle to your liking to achieve the most comfortable riding position.
This bike is also designed with a wheelset that offers a solid feel. The rear wheel has more spokes to provide effective weight support. It also has durable rims that are not subject to bending.

Important Features:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • Carbon fiber road fork
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Dual pivot brakes

4. Gama Bikes Women's Metropole Step-Thru Road Bicycle

5. Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Womens Road and Mountain

6. Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

Road Bikes For Women - Buying Guide

There are some important considerations that you should think about when you are buying a road bike for women. Have these tips in mind so that you can end up with a quality road bike.

Comfortable Seat:

Bikes designed for women are slightly different from the models for men. You need to look for a bike with a comfortable seat so that you can enjoy riding. Basically, women need a bike that is designed with a wider seat than men to accommodate their wide hip and other differences. A good road bike should have a comfortable seat that you can sit for long without any discomfort, numbness or pain.


If you are looking for a road bike for women, you should also consider the type of handlebars. You will note that the handlebars in men's bikes are longer and most women find them too wide. A good road bike for women should have handlebars measuring between 36cm-38cm so that they can get the stability and comfort they need when riding.

Gears And Brakes:

Most women riders complain about the gears being too big for their hands. Before you buy a road bike, make sure it is easy for you to engage the gears and activate the brakes without any problems. This should happen without experiencing any strain.

Frame Materials:

The most common frame materials you will find in road bike include steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium. Steel provides quality and durability and it is a little heavy. Aluminum is lightweight, affordable and one of the most common material. Titanium is strong, long lasting and expensive while carbon fiber is extremely light, durable and stiff.

Adjustable Seat Height:

A good road bike should allow you to adjust the height such that it fits your body perfectly. The seat of the bike should be in such a position that it is placed such that your knee bends slightly when the pedal is at the lowest position. If you find that it is hard to adjust the seat to this position, then you should look for another bike model.

Other considerations:

  • Suspension fork
  • Quality components
  • Weight of the bike

Final Word:

If you want to invest in a road bike for women, you have several options to choose from. I only covered quality road bikes with women-specific geometry that makes riding fun and comfortable. Not only are these road bikes lightweight, easy to maneuver but they also have quality components that make them durable. You can compare the features of these top picks to get the most favorable road bike that suits your riding needs.

  • Updated May 17, 2021
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