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Best Mountain Bike Helmet For 2022 - Top 10 Models Compared!

Best Mountain Bike Helmet For 2022 – Top 10 Models Compared!

When riding your mountain bike, having the right helmet can be amazing. But finding the best mountain bike helmet can take some deep research on various models available on the market today. Comparing features and options is just one aspect, the true nature of a helmet is how does it function when the person is wearing it.

Not all riders are the same, and accessories are different, and are considered a value only when they benefit the rider. Some features are useless or do nothing for the rider and hence can be a waste of money. Spending more money on a helmet doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option.Here are some mountain bike helmets that may be of interest to you and your riding pleasure.

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Top 10 Mountain Bike Helmet - Reviews

1. Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet

Important Features:

  • The helmet is manufactured with Coolmax padding to reduce moisture and discomfort
  • You can personalize this helmet to your own comfort settings using the Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • A multitude of colors to choose from will always keep you in style
  • Can use the helmet for technical type of trail rides
  • MIPS technology built in for added protection and comfort

2. Bell Stoker MIPS Equipped Bike Helmet

3. Smith Optics MIPS Adult MTB Cycling Helmet

4. Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

5. Giro Phase Helmet

6. Crazy Mars-Mountain Bike Helmet

7. Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet

8. Mavic 2014/15 Notch Mountain Bike Helmet

9. Bell Super 3 MIPS Cycling Helmet

10. Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet

Buying Guide - Mountain Bike Helmet

When looking for the helmet that will give you safety, comfort, and ventilation, there are several important features that need to be explored. Having the correct airflow through the helmet allows the rider to stay comfortable.

  • Vents on the helmet: The slots allow air to move about and catch pockets of hot air, allowing them to ventilate out of the helmet, and allowing fresh air in. Overheating while riding on your bike can cause health complications while on the trail, stopping your enjoyment quick.
  • The durability of the helmet: The durability of the helmet is another important factor that must be addressed. The reason for the helmet is to keep your head safe while riding to avoid serious injury. If the material that the helmet is made of is not durable, then the impact of the accident will cause injury to the rider.
  • The Helmet fits correctly: The helmet must be able to fit correctly on the head and not be loose. A helmet that doesn’t fit well can cause serious injuries and problems when riding. A helmet that doesn’t stay close to the head is going to have the potential of causing serious injury. Make sure that the helmet fits securely so that it won’t fall off during the ride or block your vision.
  • MIPS protection: MIPS is one standard feature that should be found in all helmets. This multiple impact protection is designed to emulate the protective layer of the brain, allowing the force of the impact to be reduced. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System is a primary component that should be included in all helmets that are purchased on the market.
  • Additional helmet features: Other features also include having a visor that protects the front of your head, this feature is optional and many helmets may not include it in their design. Above all, personal style and tastes can be accommodated with a wide range and variety of colors, but the main purpose for wearing a helmet is to keep your head safe and comfortable while riding.

The Final Word:

After concluding our research, we find that the High-Performance Airflow MTB Helmet seems to shine bring in this review. With a durable construction and an excellent flow of air help to make this helmet stand out. The adjustable fit and comfort while riding, show that this helmet is our choice for the rider not matter if they are on the street or out on the deep trails, this helmet won’t fail.

  • Updated December 29, 2021
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