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How To Adjust Road Bike Brakes

Riding a bike is one of the most common activity all across the world. Every child learns how to do this. Road bikes are probably some of the popular bikes that exist, and you can see them pretty much everywhere.  It’s not only good when it comes to fun, but you can also use this as […]

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  • Updated February 10, 2020

6 Awesome Reasons to Mountain Bike in Winter

Every person wants to have fun, especially during the weekends. One of the ways of having fun is mountain biking. It is one of the coolest things to do, especially in a group of people. Mountain biking also helps in building strong bonds as you spend time together with your friends. Mountain biking does not end […]

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  • Updated December 14, 2019

Main Difference Between Cyclocross Vs Gravel Bike You Should Know

As the name suggests, a gravel bike is designed for rough and tough use. A gravel bike is good for off-road riding, whether it is on rough forest roads, gravel roads, and bumpy forest roads. It also rides well on smoother paths like tarmacked roads and cobblestones, making it an excellent all-purpose bike. You can […]

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  • Updated January 28, 2020

How To Measure Hybrid Bike Size: Step By Step Guide

Knowing the attributes of a hybrid bike is very essential especially when you are hiring, buying, or even analyzing them. One of these influential attributes is the size of the bike. Hybrid bikes come in various sizes. As a result, knowing the size of a Hybrid bike is a very fundamental consideration. It isn’t a […]

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  • Updated November 14, 2019

10 Best Mountain Bike Brands You Should Know

Mountain biking is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can engage in. If you want to make your riding experience exciting and memorable, you need to have a nice mountain bike. When it comes to selecting a quality mountain bike, there are so many brands that you can choose from. So, how will you […]

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  • Updated January 1, 2020

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated While Riding A Road Bike

Cycling is one of the best outdoor activities where you can enjoy beautiful sceneries and fresh air. However, it can also be sweaty, and this is why you need to keep yourself well hydrated throughout your cycling. Drinking enough water is essential for the functioning of the brain and muscles. On top of that, it […]

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  • Updated February 18, 2020

5 Best Hybrid Bike Brands You Should Know

There are different types of bikes on the market today that you can buy based on your riding preference. If you need a general purposes bike, a hybrid bike is the best option. This is a bike that you can ride on a wide range of terrains and long distance riding. The bike is also […]

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  • August 7, 2019

A Beginners Guide Of How To Use Hybrid Bike Gears

A lot of thought goes into the decision of buying a bike. You want to ride it over to the park with your picnic lunch bundled onto it on a sunny Saturday afternoon; ride it down the block for a quick workout right before work or use it on a hiking trail during a camping […]

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  • Updated December 14, 2019