Raleigh Tokul 2 Mountain Bike Review – A Great Mountain Bikes Under $1000?

Love to ride bikes? Bikes are the most environment-friendly, cheap and healthy option as a commuter. But in today’s article, we are going to talk about a particular bike, the mountain bike. And our pick is RALEIGH Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike.

The Tukol 2 mountain bike is a natural, efficient and durable option for any bikers. It’s easy to use and maintains, so if you start training in mountain trail riding through the bike, this one will be a smart option to consider. As a mountain bike, it’s come under budget.

This bike comes partially assembled. There is some part that you need to attach later. However, it takes only 30 min to one hour depending on your skill of bike fixing. There are full instruction guides on how to set up the bike at home. If it’s your first time, you better call an expert or local bike shop for help.


Around 30 pounds




Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes


1x9 Speed


SR Suntour XCR 120mm

Wheel Size:


Tire Size:


Other Features:

Pedals included

Raleigh Tokul 2 Mountain Bike Alternative Products:

Product Name




Raleigh Bikes Tokul 24 Kids Mountain Bike for Boys & girls Youth 8-12 Years Old


7 speed

Essential Features Of Tokul 2 Maintain Bike

We tried and tested some more expensive branded bikes before, and there was nothing higher in performance than the Tukul 2. Any person from shorter to taller has a size option to choose from the model. Besides that, some of the features that make the bike unique and also impress us are here. So, keep reading Raleigh Tokul 2 review.

Potential Disc Brakes:

This best bike under 1000 has got Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes. But many brands use another kind of brakes that works fine for different conditions as well other than Auriga Hydraulic disc brakes. Well, in simple words, the bike will stop whenever; you press the broken clutch at any speed. And that is a crucial part of the mountain bike’s feature.

The brakes are excellent. They give you the great stopping power while riding downhill from the uphill paths. And also it’s the crucial part of the safety of bike riding.

Since as a mountain bike rider you need an improved bicycle which only provides excellent comfort and control in speed but also the flexibility to stop when even your need or want. You only require your two fingers to use the brake. The braking mechanism also impacts on the rims, tires and reduce the overheating problem in the disc.

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Sturdy Frame Body:

The Tokul 2 bike has an aluminum-made the body frame. Aluminum is known for its strength and lightness. And the main body of the bike has both- convenient bodyweight and power. That is why we rode it on rocky paths of mountainsides; it was perfect.

In addition, the engineers of the brand have incorporated different metal parts with body frame. The aluminum is the main element, but carbon fiber, steel, titanium, etc. all these metals are melted with aluminum and molded into one and made this frame. That is why this is one of the most substantial body frames that are well-manageable in up-and-down paths or trails. Many of the mountain bikes are lack of either proper balance or lightless. But during our test, the Tokul serve both.

Raleigh Tokul 2 Mountain Bike

Ride Better with Travel Fork:

This best mountain bike equipped with a 120 mm travel fork which measures 27.5 inches. Particularly, travel fork help to ride a bike smoothly on uneven roadways. In our experience, the bike rode smooth in all types of terrains. Yes, the body frame gives you strengths to survive against excessive force and pressure. But the travel for is efficient for smoother performance while riding in rocky conditions.

Furthermore, the bike is equipped with some stanchion 32 mm tubes. Stanchion tubes are well known for their shock absorption. And for pointy and uneven path these tubes work like magic as balancer and comforter.

That is why Tokul 2 is more effective as a mountain bike. So when you ride on it, you will more enjoy the ride rather than suffering from shock and wasting energy on avoiding bumpy surface.

Rock-hard Drivetrain:

For maintaining bike speed drivetrain is important to factor. It consists of a gear system, chain, shifters, and derailleurs. All this together let you control the speed form low or high in any condition. We all know to speed up a bike is easy on flat surface but when the trail is unpredictable, it’s tough to maintain the speed. But not with this one.

The tool two is much more advanced to handle this kind of paths and speed up. Bikers who love to ride in different speed will not disappoint by it. It’s important to mention the Shimano Alivio 1x9 speed drivetrain of this bike, works great for downhill or uphill riding. Moreover, the drivetrain includes the same brand shifter in order to change the speed smooth and effortlessly.

Handlebar With More Space:

A handles bar holds the brakes, shifter, and headlight along with controlling the whole bike. One great thing that most of the bickerers look for is wide handlebar. And thankfully the Tokul 2 is equipped with the pretty wide handlebar. The benefits of this handlebar are you get more control on the bike. Also, the handles are pretty comfortable to grip and use for a long time.

Wheels That Rolls From Dusk to Dawn:

First of all, the Tukol 2 from Raleigh comes with two Kenda Honey Badger tires. The dimension of each tire is 21.5 by 2.2 inches. The size and weight of these offer the right amount of traction that bikers need for riding. You will feel right about the tires once ride on the seat and paddle. It gives a stable impression even on the rocky pathways.

Second of all, the traction amount of the tires is variable- it increases and decreases according to the speed, pressure and the road condition. So, the wheels are also safe, especially on bike skidding.

And finally the maneuverability. The wheels are little smaller in size and also lighter. You have the full option available online to get a spare one when they need to change. Infect you can do it by yourself during emergencies.

Important Features:

  • Fork- SR Suntour XCR 120mm travel
  • Cranks- Aluminum
  • Frame- Aluminum
  • Chain- SRMA PC1130
  • Brakes- TektroAuriga hydraulic disc
  • Rear Derailleur- Shimano Alivio w/ 9-speed cogset
  • Tubeless Compatible Wheelset- No
  • Shifters- Shimano Altus 1x9 speed
  • Wheel Size- 27.5”


  • Excellent shock absorbing capacity
  • Able to change the speed very smoothly
  • Suitable to use in all weather conditions
  • The wide handlebar allows comfortable riding and better control
  • Made for withstanding maximum trouble


  • Installed test pedals are required replacing
  • No option for mounting water bottles in it

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q- Is the bike suitable for beginners or teenagers?

A- Yes. For growing teenagers, you might need a size small.

Q- Is the bike come fully assembled?

A- Not fully assembled, its 85% assembled.

Q- Are the wheels tubeless compatible?

A- No.

Q- Does the cycle come with brake oil?

A- Yes, all the brakes are oiled and preassembled.

Q- Does it come with other colors and sizes?

A- No colors but yes, it has some sizes like 21/XL, 15/SM, 17/MD, AND 19/LG.

Final Verdict:

Overall, Tokul 2 is a simple, easy to use and durable mountain bike which has a lot to offer. Mountain bikes are pretty unique and also need to high quality. That is why these are expensive too. We all know that. The point is, is the bike worth to the price or not. And all we can say here, your investment on Raleigh mountain Tokul 2 bikes are worth the cost. You have the full option to choose here from small to extra-large. So, you can choose the mountain bike for your growing teenager or yourself as a grown-up man/woman.

The tokul 2 mountain bicycle is a fast, manageable and comfortable option as a mountain bike. So, if you are looking for something reliable including all these features, then this is the one for you.

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