Best Mountain Bike Brakes for 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Trying to locate the best mountain brakes can be a difficult situation without knowing all of the information. Reviewing brakes and discovering which one is the best will be determined on how you ride your bike. If you are a rough rider and you are on tough trails, then you are going to need reliable and durable brakes to avoid possible injury and other complications. Check the features and see how it molds to your particular bike.

Finding a brake that matches with your particular style is one of the most important aspects of being a rider. Not all people ride their bikes in the same fashion and hence, different brakes are matched to different lifestyles.

Brakes aren’t just for the back areas where the trails are located, but brakes, in general, are useful for everyday riding, even on the street, you want to make sure that you have the correct brakes. Now having the right brake power can cause serious injury, not just on the back trails, but also help to avoid getting hit by a motorist or a rough spot that is on the pavement.

Best Mountain Bike Brakes - Comparison




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Pioneeryao Bike Mountain Bike Brakes

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Best Mountain Bike Brakes -Reviews

These brakes are designed with a Long Pull Brake that covers both front and rear locations of the bike. This brakes also feature a front and rear caliper. This brakes come in a black color for style and is black hub and brake compatibility.

The material used to manufacture the Motolite Linear Brake is strong and durable made from 6061-T6Pad allows for a nice stop without too many vibrations. The Kool-Stop Thinline will be able to keep the wheels where they need to be without slipping.

Be able to handle rough turns and spins with this brake as you keep full control of your bike. With both front and rear brakes making sure to keep control, you will never be without adequate power when it comes to Paul Components Paul MotoLite Linear Brake.

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Front & Rear Bicycle Brake Set Review

The Shimano has a design that is left to front and right to rear which is a North American standard and you won’t have to provide an adapter for a front caliper on the bike.

Making this less work for you and more time to get out there and to ride.
The brake hose for the Shimano is an SM-BH59, and it mounted nicely onto the bike. This hose is so efficient that it will work and it is strong enough to work with 160mm rotors on your bike.

The Shimano is designed for A-shaped column disc brake with a base front fork. You will need an adapter if your bike is B-shaped column disc brake with a base front fork. Check this fact with your bike before you purchase the brake.

The AFTERPARTZ NV-5 G3/ HS1 Bike Disc Brake is manufactured from 12Cr13 martensitic stainless steel. The measurement for the brakes is 160mm with a 6 bolt Standard. This brake system has a 44MM & 22MM pitch-row disc that adds increased control and function.

These brakes have a perfect flatness and incredibly smooth surface that allows for maximum braking power and control. These brakes are strong and they are cold forged and has a double bent lever blade with an 85mm front and a 145mm rear brake with a stainless steel PTFE coated cable to give the brake the added control that it needed.

This brake is an excellent fit and is very easy to adjust and install the brakes. There is no need to have professional skills to set this unit up, it is very simple and easy without complications. A user manual is also provided with all of the specifications that you need in order to complete assembling the brakes onto your bike.

The Tektro Auriga Comp is built with a melted forged caliper body that has an automatic positioning system built into it through the front or rear adapters. This braking system has a reversible lever design that has a two-piece bracket for easy removal when for the rider.

The rider will always be able to retain control no matter what type of trail or road they find themselves on. This braking system also comes complete with an open system designed. This is accomplished by using non-corrosive along with environment-friendly mineral oil to give this brake its top performance.

The Tektro Auriga is also designed to be a dual piston brake system for added protection and strength. Always know that you will have the maximum protection when dealing with the Tektro Auriga Comp Front 160mm Hydraulic Disc Brake Black.

5. Pioneeryao Bike Mountain Bike Brakes

Pioneeryao Bike Mountain Bike Brakes Review

The Pioneeryao is here to provide the needed stopping power while out on the road or a difficult trail. You will be ready with control and balance with the Pioneeryao Bike Brakes V-Brakes Caliper for Mountain Bike.

This brake is built to last through the years no matter how tough the biking. Manufactured with aluminum alloy V-brakes, these brakes will be able to give the rider safety while developing their skills on the trails or road. These brakes have exactly what you need with a V-Brake mounting Hole for added security and function.

The Pioneeryao is built with durability and only weighs 180 grams per set, not adding too much weight to your bike, keeping you light enough to still glide down the trails and roads without limitations.

This set comes with one pair of V-Brakes, 2 Adjuster Screws, one Wire Conduit, and one standard rubber pipe. You won’t be without speed and control when you have these brakes installed on your bike. Race ahead with full control knowing that you have Pioneeryao Bike Brakes V-Brakes on your side.

These brakes are designed to be in the front and rear of the bike giving the rider added protection and insurance that the bike and the rider will be able to avoid injury. These brakes are made for mountain bikes and folding bikes.

The arch size on these brakes is 107mm giving you optimal space. You won’t be lost without these brakes. The best thing about these brakes is that they are affordable and can fit into any budget.

The performance is good and can help to maintain control for the rider even on the road when trying to avoid a car or another bike rider. These brakes are made for various mountain bikes and can be adapted to fit many styles. These brakes allow you to be free and do what you like while riding around.

You won’t have to worry about these brakes failing on you. These brakes will give you the power and control that you need in order to retain the maximum control over the bike. You can perform with these brakes and not worry about the wheels slipping.

This brake comes complete with a complete caliper, lever, and cable allowing you to retain maximum control over the bike while riding over the most difficult of terrain. You will be ready with these brakes in the most difficult of riding scenarios when on the roadways or the trails.

The Sunlite Cruiser/MX Brake Set is well priced and can fit into any budget. With durability and strength, you will never have to be concerned about having enough power and control while riding.

These brakes have the maximum protection with a design that incorporates a 3D full-angle clip mount to guarantee that the brake block position is accurate.

The InsReve NV-5 G3/HS1 Mountain Bicycle Bike Mechanical Disc Brake Kit offers the perfect disc brake sets that are resistant to water, sediment, and other impurities can be quickly discharged. Best of all, this biking system is silent and you will not hear the harsh brake sound.

The InsReve NV-5 G3/HS1 Mountain Bicycle Bike Mechanical Disc Brake Kit comes with excellent wear resistance, low noise, fast cooling, and an outstanding performance that can provide support for various types of braking which can happen in a variety of harsh conditions. These brakes are always prepared for any type of situation you may ride your bike.

Best Mountain Bike Brakes - Buying Guide

When you are trying to get the most out of your MTB brakes, there are certain things that you must consider. The brakes that are one of the most important aspects of the bike and is used to retain control and balance over the bike.

Here are some considerations that must be reviewed when attempting to get new brakes for your current bike.

What Type of System do the Brakes Use?

What type of braking system do you like? Some of the brakes use hydraulic systems, while others have a wire system. The braking system which is best can be determined by your bike and riding style.

What Type of Material are the Brakes Manufactured?

The material that the brakes are composed of must be strong and durable. People depending on their brakes and the material that manufactured the brakes must be strong and durable to be able to withstand any type of terrain or riding.

Where are the Brakes Placed on the Bike?

The location of the brakes and how they are setup is determined by the rider. Will the brakes be able to mount on the location that is desired by the rider? This increases the versatility and the adaptation of the brakes to be able to be placed on any type of bike or training bike.

The Price of the Brake Kit

The price of the brakes is also a strong indicator of choice. If the price is in your budget, then you can purchase the brakes, but having the most expensive brakes means that you have the best mountain bike brakes. Sometimes the best brakes are necessarily the most expensive.

Check around and compare the various features and see which ones best fit your riding style and comfort. Safety above all is the most important aspect of a brake and it is the main reason why the brakes are installed on to the bike.

Final Word:

After reviewing the various brakes that are offered on the market, we have come to the conclusion that the Tektro Auriga Comp Front 160mm Hydraulic Disc Brake is the best choice for power, control, and the ability to withstand the roughest of terrains. These brakes have a hydraulic system that retains control over the speed of the bike without any problems. This braking system will help you to avoid an accident while riding. You will be safe and set with these brakes as you make your way around paths and trails without worrying about losing grip and control with your bike, no matter how risky the trail.

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